Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On Pelosi...

Listening to the professional political chatter heads, I find my opinion of Nancy Pelosi swinging from sort of favorable but mainly undecided to decidedly favorable.

Pelosi has really put her credibility on the line in the Hoyer/Murtha power struggle. She is sending a clear signal which I think those who deal with her will be well served to remember as she takes the speakership. Stand with Pelosi and she will stick her neck out to stand with you. Cross her and she will do what it takes to give you your comeuppance in return.

This is the first fight Pelosi engages in as leader of the House Dems. She is showing anyone who cares that she will fight for her causes and should not be trifled with.

I previously supported Murtha for Dem leader in the House but that support was rather tepid. I like Murtha because he has been a lion on the Iraq issue. His joining our side of the debate allowed the opposition to the administration policy to become mainstream. Now it is the administrations policy that has become marginalized in no small part thanks to Murtha.

Overall I don't have anything against Hoyer that would stop me from supporting him for a leadership position in the House. I'm certain his politics are fine and on many issues I'll bet he stands closer to my side than does Murtha. A decided mark against Hoyer is that he staked a position decidely to the right of Murtha on Iraq, despite Hoyers recent protestations to the contrary.

That said, my support for Murtha for leader of House Dems is now solidified due to the example set by Pelosi. She is giving her ally her best effort in this. She wants Murtha on her team, not someone she has previously butted heads with, and who can blame her. Frankly I think her stand on this is a good sign of things to come if she manages to pull it off.

To me, this entire affair shows more about Pelosi than Murtha or Hoyer. And I like what I see right off the bat.

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