Thursday, November 09, 2006

Props to the other side...

Here is another post that is liable to make regular readers of this blog wonder if someone has slipped some wingnut koolaid into the coffee that Frik has transfused into his blood stream throughout the day.

Folks I must tell you that I am very impressed with the performance of Senators Burns and Allen in the days following the election. From the perspective of the left, after the 2000 debacle, I can't imagine just letting elections that are this close slide by without fighting it out. The difference in VA is approximately 7000, out of over 2 million votes cast. Control of the Senate hinges on this race. I understand full well that the prospect of making that difference up is minuscule, but I wouldn't blame a candidate with these issues in the balance for fighting this to the bitter end.

The same goes for the Montana race. AP is now reporting the Burns will concede that race, having lost by around 3000 votes. The percentage is higher for Burns to overcome in making up that difference, but 3000 votes out of over 350,000 cast would be worth fighting over from my perspective. Again, maybe the 2000 recount and Ohio 2004 have made me a bit more of a die hard in this type of circumstance. But I must admit that the example of Allen and Burns in this matter has earned my grudging respect.

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