Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tom Delay: Waterboarding not torture & other moralisms (not my favorite source for news b.t.w.) is reporting on an appearance by Tom Delay on Long Island N.Y.. (H/T to Rawstory.)

Mr. Delay who resigned amidst scandal has the audacity to hold forth about "moral clarity that needs to be expressed to give the American people some foundation as to why we're doing what we're doing and what principles we should be using to make the decisions in dealing with the war on terror." Please spare us the sermon Mr. Delay! Especially when you follow that with this:
DeLay's views on forms of torture came out during an hour-long question and answer session when an audience member brought up Vice President Dick Cheney's seeming support of water boarding, when he suggested dunking someone's head in water might be useful to get a suspected terrorist to talk.

"I don't think water boarding is torture," DeLay said. "My definition of torture is you physically harm someone by cutting them, by cutting their fingers, sticking things in their eyes, sticking their fingers in electric sockets. Water boarding is a frightening experience. But the person does not have physical damage."
So the principles used to establish moral clarity are that if no physical damage occurs in detainee interrogations that anything else goes? So brief sessions of electrocution would be ok? Mock executions? Waterboarding? Waterboarding has a long tradition in history and is clearly torture as defined by the allies in WWII and all sane people who consider the issue. Evidently there are dozens of techniques that warped people like Delay think are just fine to use all while keeping the moral high ground, because we are not leaving marks. Delay and his ilk have redefined the word torture to say it is not what it is. Do NOT preach to us of moral clarity you wingnut charlatans. You who helped set this nation on the path tread by the monsters of history.

Reading the article, I can't help but appreciate the way Delay says that Repubicans are disappointed in their leadership... as if he has NOTHING to do with that sentiment whatsoever! He is the posterboy for Republican corruption and power hungry fat cat politics. I take back what I said about not having him preach to me about morality. Please keep it up you hypocritical oaf. It makes you and the party you stand for look like the frauds you really are..

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