Monday, November 13, 2006

The Cat in Iraq

I've noticed lately that administration toadies have taken to commiserating with the public attitude about Iraq by saying that conditions are not "getting better fast enough".

This of course is more illogical hot air from the administration intended to show the American people that they get it, and they no longer want to stay the course. However what the 'not getting better fast enough' line really shows is this administration still does not accept reality on the ground in Iraq. If they were telling the truth here they would be saying that it's getting worse, and the speed of deterioration is increasing.

Iraq getting "better faster" is the same sort of logic that would have been displayed by Christopher Columbus if he had determined the easiest way to travel from Portugal to Spain was by setting sail to the west and nearly circumventing the globe. Each mile away from the shores of Portugal would have been a mile in the wrong direction... except by the logic of the die hard navigator determined to make his point.

To say Iraq is getting better or improving in any sense of the word at any speed what so ever is to attempt to establish a false premise. Let me try to establish the facts on the same level the administration speaks to the public. Iraq is not improving at snails pace, its not improving like cars race, it's not improving like Vietnam, it's not improving Sam I Am.

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