Thursday, November 16, 2006

When is Fox not Fox?

The answer to the question posed by this title is that Fox is Fox, but the answer Bill O'Leilly wants you to believe is this: Fox is not Fox when you are a "culture warrior" working for Fox News Corp and Fox Television airs the "non" confession of O.J. Simpson.

Here is the story. Billo is peeved that that rascal O.J. is going on television and making money by telling the world what it might have been like if he had been the killer. Billo is peeved that Fox Television is broadcasting this, after NBC declined. Billo really wants us to understand that the network paying to air this dung is not in anyway affiliated with Fox News Corp because he says:
"Here's a man many believe did kill those two Americans, Nicole Brown Simpson being mother of his two children. Yet Simpson is participating in a project that is exploiting the murders. Shamefully, the Fox Broadcasting Unit is set to carry the program, which is simply indefensible, and a low point in American culture. For the record, Fox Broadcasting has nothing to do with the Fox News Channel."
Actually for the record, in this case Fox is Fox. They have the same owners. Fox Television routinely shows bits by Fox News (imagine that) much the same as they show bits by Fox Sports (wow). Fox Sports also has the same owners... just in case you were wondering. In fact Radar contacted the spokepersons for Fox News and Fox Television who oddly enough turned out to be the same guy! Imagine that. I'm sure that Billo will be issuing clarifications as to his confusing the various Fox entities any day now.

To really dot the I on all this, the publisher of the "non" confession book in which Simpson describes what it would have been like if he were the killer is (you already have this figured out I bet) Billo's publisher. With all this in mind I will now hold my breath and wait for Billo to return all that dirty blood splattered filthy lucre these culture cretins have been sending him... Holding my breath... still holding... waiting... want to breath but I wont... turning blue now waiting for Billo to do the right thing... holding... AWW HECK! I must be an idiot thinking Billo would ever let loose of a dirty blood splattered dollar bill.

1. none of the money is going to the goldmans so get that out of your head. 2. we need to stop murderers from profiting. fox needs to be stopped. 3. we need to contact all fox advertisers and let them know how we feel and let them know if they continue to advertise on fox we arent buying. 4. if we boycott fox advertisers now this will not get on the air.
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