Thursday, November 09, 2006

Will Bush ever learn?

As soon as the President sent the nomination for John Bolton to the Senate he was shot down in flames. The nomination was actually sent within 1/2 hour of the Presidents meeting with Nancy Pelosi. Frankly one has to wonder what the heck the President was thinking when he sent this nomination to Congress. I'll guarantee it wasn't bipartisan happy thoughts. If anything, this smells very Rovian to me. Hold a meeting with the Dems and follow up with a highly charged partisan ploy while everyone has the bipartisanship fresh in their malleable little minds.

Not only should this nomination be denied, the President ought to pay a political price for this. He blatantly issued this nomination immediately after meeting with Democrats in a supposed show of bipartisanship. I'm trying to think of an appropriate retaliation to this provocation... Like holding up some Presidential pet project that would otherwise be easily passed. The retroactive get out of jail for illegal spying bill the President wants passed doesn't count either. In fact that is another blatantly partisan piece of dung that needs to be thrown back on the porch of the White House.

For the President to try to portray himself as reaching across the aisle in a spirit of bipartisanship while pulling this stunt shows the true nature of this administration. He has a very very short time to stop acting like a spoiled brat little child or he might just find himself being spanked and sent to his room.

Will Bush ever learn? To answer your question, "No."

A leopard doesn't change it's spots. The guy has no character, no ethics, and no brain -- a lethal combination.
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