Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bush: Learning his lessons a little bit late

There are several developments on the Iraq front that, if not for the deadly serious nature of the war, would have to be considered rich material for a dark comedy.

First: The President today delayed the announcement of a "new" strategy for Iraq until sometime in January saying that he would "not be rushed" into making a hasty decision.

What profound wisdom! What appropriate consideration. How wonderful that the President now carefully considers all sides of the argument before making his decision. What incredibly stupid snarkiness I am trying to employ when considering the Presidents newfound respect for careful deliberation and consideration of all sides of an argument... I mean what stopped him from taking this same course of sage leadership in the spring of 2003?!

I note that Fox and the rest of the right wing sound machine have taken to ripping incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Silvestre Reyes, for not knowing the sect that Al Qaeda aligned with. Lets get real here. He is incoming, not sitting, and he can not be the clueless one sending our troops into harms way without basic knowledge about what he's getting into. Reyes does not have that authority. However President Bush marched into Iraq with a shocking lack of understanding of the forces he was unleashing. When the President was being briefed on the Shiite/Sunni divide in Iraqi society he actually said "I thought the Iraqis were Muslims!" This happened a year after his now famous Axis of Evil speech...

Thus we are witness to rightwing indignation that the next Congressional bureaucrat to oversee intelligence is not familiar with Al Qaeda, but nary a freaking whisper when the President took us to war in what they thought would be the United States writing the government of our choice onto the blank slate of Iraq. An issue which they thought would be accomplished with ease. The hypocrisy knows NO bounds. It's ok to make a royal mess of the region based upon ignorance, but let us pound the Democrat who fumbles the aptitudinal exam.

Frankly the audacity of the right to pick on Reyes on this is breathtaking. The entire nation is being provided with a crash course in the Shiite/Sunni split thanks to the blood and treasure being wasted due to the ignorance of George W. Bush. Now he discovers patient understanding and deliberation as a leadership tactic. This is the equivalent of the person who carelessly stepped onto the slippery slope suddenly professing a great concern for their footing going forward, after already going over the edge of the cliff. We are going where we are going, (out of Iraq, to fight that fact is to spit the wrong way into a wind tunnel) careful consideration or no.

We call for democracy in Iraq. The people of that nation are making their will in regards to our occupation felt on a regular basis. We need to understand that the Iraq we leave will not be the Iraq we insist upon building. What could be more democratic a principle than that? Let them decide. They are deciding for themselves and the sooner we let them get it over with the better for all involved. I'm afraid the best we can try to do is stop the war from expanding beyond Iraq at this point... That could be quite a challenge of itself.

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