Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton fatigue... sort of

One of the major objections heard through out the media when discussing the possible candidacy of Hillary Clinton for President in 2008 is that the nation is sick of the Bush/Clinton cycle. Now I'm certainly not on board the Hillary bandwagon by a long shot, but I reject the Bush/Clinton cycle fatigue out of hand as a negative for Hillary. In fact, if anything, this cycle would be a strength in Hillary's favor.

The nation has grown supremely tired of the Bush's. Jeb's recent admission on Spanish Television "No tengo futuro" which translates to I have no future, may as well have been followed up with "yo quero Taco Bell" or I would like to be hired to manage a Taco Bell, but my chances aren't so great... But trying to wrap the Bush's fortunes around the necks of the Clintons is supremely unfair.

The fact is Clinton left office with very high approval ratings, and continues to enjoy widespread approval. There is a very loud minority who will always hate anything to do with Clinton, and strangely enough those are the very same people who think that George Bush is doing a fantastic job as President. When it comes to the Bush/Clinton cycle, we can cut the Bush part out and the nation would be happier for it, but the Clinton part of the cycle still wins elections (Hillary won a landslide in N.Y.) and draws cheering crowds to their speeches.

If Hillary were to win the White House and govern with the same savvy and ability demonstrated by her husband, we may well be discussing a third generation of political dynasty, with the nation clamoring for Chelsea to run in 2014...

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