Monday, December 18, 2006

Goodbye Kofi, with apologies

Kofi Annan is wrapping up his tenure as head of the U.N., and this seems as good a time as any to wish him well going forward. Annan has headed the U.N. during a very difficult time on the world stage, (since 1996) and his statesmanship will be missed as far as I'm concerned.

I believe Annans job was made tremendously more difficult by the selection of George Bush in 2000. The bellicose nature of the administration, especially after the 9/11 attacks made diplomacy very difficult in the big picture. Annan was always trying to moderate what the President insisted was to be handled without moderation. This could not have been better illustrated than when the U.N. weapons inspectors were invited to Iraq, and then withdrawn immediately prior to our invasion. Hindsight may normally be 20/20, but any sight in the case of Iraq is obfuscated by the billowing smoke and splattered blood that has resulted from the Presidents march to needless war. A war Annan desperately tried to stop before it started.

Kofi Annan recognized the worthiness of reason and fact finding. He was overwhelmed by sheer idiocy from Washington D.C.. As an American, for whatever little good it does at this point in time, I would like to tell Annan that he is and was right, and I'm sorry for the troubles he had to deal with due to my nations misguided leadership. I've always been impressed with Annans bearing and demeanor, and at no point in his tenure did he lose that standing in my opinion.

Thank you Mr. Annan for a job well done, and may fortune smile upon you in your future endeavors.

Yeah, goodbye Kofi. Good riddance! It is a shame I haven't been here in such a long time; as this comment will be so far back as not to be read.

Say what you will about how you think the US handled things on the world stage but, Kofi Annan was horrible. He was a prostitute for worldwide corruption and Anti-Americanism. Most blatant was the nepotism and corruption involved in the oil for food scandal. First you have Annan's son Kojo working for Swiss oil for food contractor 'Cotecna' then you have what the AWB and others did. Money meant to feed needy people being spent to prop up dictators, bureaucrats, and corporations that see theft as a virtue.
Worse than US treatment of enemy combatants is the UN treatment of women and children in Congo. This is where UN military and civillian groups from Nepal, Morrocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Pakistan, and France perpetrated rape and forced prostitution on women and young girls. This is horrifying yet it is the awful pyramid of naked war combatants and terrorists by US prison guards that gets the press! I am no Bush fan. Report all the US scandals I say but, how the press ignores the fact that the UN mission in Congo stands accused of 150 human rights violations against women and children is far worse. There is no objective reporting. It is a contest of whose spindoctor can cause the other team's people to drink the wrong Kool-aid!

From my past postings here you'd see I agree with alot of the host's assertions. True, I was in favor of going into Iraq but I agree it was poorly handled. Our troops were not equipped, the occupation poorly managed, our Freedoms were stripped by the Patriot Act and FISA, I also agree with the signing statement issues. I also disagree with Bush in regards to illegal immigration.

I can usually respectfully disagree when my opinions don't match those posted here. In this case I am appalled that you are butt kissing this guy Annan! He leaves the UN in a worse credibility than it already had. He presided over mismanagement, corruption, UN peacekeeping disasters in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Congo. How about the sluggish response to the genocide in the Sudan?

As long as he's paid off by favors, politics or nepotismic rewards, some human rights abuses are ok to him. Fine praise Kofi Annan. The only true staement you have made regarding him is that his public demeanor is truly outstanding. Other than that, I regard him as human garbage willing to see others suffer for his own ends. Capitalism has the least fundamental flaws but, this thug Annan exploits them all and makes law abiding and rights recognizing free marketers cringe!

I voted for Jim Webb(D)-VA by the way. I see all the bad things that the Bush administration is responsible for. The question is, how the hell you see Annan in any positive light at all? Just because he drinks the blue kool-aid instead of the red? I'd take even Bush over Annan any day of the week and that's saying little at all for Bush.
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