Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Iran and Israel are... whating?

I honestly could not believe my own eyes when I read this headline: Report: Israel, Iran Holding Debt Talks.

Lets see... what other headline would I have been less surprised upon reading? Bush resigns, Alien Gives Bag of Gold to Bhfrik, Elvis to Host Oscars... really just about any other headline would be less surprising to me. But "Report: Israel, Iran Holding Debt Talks"? That's really is a shocker as far as I'm concerned.

Basically, back in the good old days before the theocratic totalitarian fascists ruled Iran, you know... when the secular totalitarian fascists were taking their turn oppressing the Iranians, Israel and Iran were pretty tight. Israeli companies did a bunch of work in Iran, and Iranian oil flowed like the veritable milk and honey in the promised land. Then the Ayatohlah came along and ruined it all!

Well Iranian oil ain't free, and it turns out there are some old debts laying around that have to be settled up. So the state of Israel... (you know the Zionist state that should be wiped off the map according to the current President of Iran), is negotiating with the state of Iran... (you remember, that state that must not be allowed to enrich uranium and all necessary means must be employed to stop them...) to get this cleared up.

Which makes me wonder. If the Bush administration is actually successful in getting the U.N. to come up with a program for sanctions against Iran, will Israel be breaking the U.N. sanctions when they pay back that debt? Amazing isn't it?!

I must wonder, if Iran and Israel can start talking with each other, for whatever reason, why in the world won't our President allow us to talk with Iran?

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