Monday, December 04, 2006

Let me be Frank!

I just pounded out a 4000 word disortation on Frank Zappa in recognition of Zappadan, (as decreed by the Aristocrats) and lost the post when I tried to publish it... GAH!

So happy Zappadan to one and all... now I'm off to look for some real news to post on. While stewing over my lost Zappa novel. It would have been a classic post for the ages. Trust me on that one.

I'd make fun of you for not saving it if not for the fact that I've done the same thing too many times.

Happy Zappadan, anyway
Happy Zappadan. Sorry about your lost novella. To comfort yourself I suggest that you put on "The Yellow Shark" and play "Outrage at Valdez" over and over again.

(I'm quite a fan of Zappa's classical works. As you may have guessed.)
Joyous Zappadan! please, please try to redo your piece...the world is waiting for more joyous Zappa celebration and praise!
I am celebrating with archaeological Zappa pre history today. Worlds Greatest Sinner and How's Your Bird? by Baby Ray and The Ferns and the two Bob Guy pieces, Dear Jeepers and Letter from Jeepers........
More early Zappa stuff by the Heartbreakers...(NO NOT THOSE HEARTBREAKERS!), Paul Bluff, Mr.Clean, The Pauls and The Cruncher by the Heavies......
I did publish piece of which I have no idea how many words at:
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