Friday, December 15, 2006

Tony Snow: A standup guy...

The title of this post is not a pun, but it easily could be... I just want to acknowledge the action of Tony Snow in trying to repair frayed relations with NBC White house Correspondent David Gregory.

Snow apologized to Gregory for saying last week that Gregory had phrased a question in a partisan way. That incident had received a lot of attention, and the apology has as well.

I can imagine how difficult it must have been for Snow to take that step. I think it is proper for those of us who in disagree with the President, and those who surround him, on nearly every occasion to give credit for the stuff we do agree with when the opportunity presents itself.

In fact this will make two posts in a row in which I have agreed with the administration. Let us just hope that the President won't ruin my attitude about the Snow apology by attempting to tie it to the war on terror.

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