Friday, January 26, 2007

Defending Frank Sinatra from a rightwing whacko

I honestly do not know how to begin this post. Lately there has been a bit of an uproar over some freakazoid "preacher" who has made a song titled "The Bible Says". The chorus of the song consists of our brother in love repeating "God hates a fag" over and over and then ending with the admonition that "if you are a fag, god hates you too".

Frankly, I do not want to link to this characters site. I don't even want to type his name in because he does not deserve the attention from the one or two pairs of eyes that would see him based on reading my blog. I as a Christian object strenuously to having this character act in this fashion under the auspices of spreading the gospel. The message is objectionable, reflects badly upon Christianity and is not theologically sound.

That said, there are several hundred other preachers out there pulling stunts I find objectionable and I don't take the time to bash my calloused fingers against the keyboard in an effort to debunk them. What gives with this character?

Well part of his site... (I will reluctantly provide a link, but please please please do not give him your traffic unless you feel a need to check my veracity...) is a page you link to if you click the link for "gay bands". This is a page with a listing of bands to keep your family away from because of the supposedly gay influence of the band.

The absolute ludicrousness of the list can be understood by seeing that the idiot who compiled the list included Frank Sinatra on it.

I don't care what you think about Italians, Swing, The Rat Pack, or anything else, but if there is one thing Frank Sinatra is not, that is gay. (I would toss in the obligatory "there wouldn't be anything wrong if he were gay" line, but why bother!) Frank Sinatra was simply a legendary ladies man. He veritably exudes heterosexuality from every pore of his body. Every dulcet tone crooned by that man was pitched just so as to prove imminently seductive for the opposite sex. Frank Sinatra gay... HAH!

I can not emphathize enough how preposterous it is to include Sinatra on a list of music to keep from your family because of the gay influence it would bring. I recall Sinatra giving advice on dating when I was a teenager. He did this because he KNEW his way around the ladyfolk, and the world KNEW it. His number one thing never to do on a date?: Yawn. Classic! He could have said "light a fart on fire" or some other such obvious answer, but he was being serious and it is a great answer.

There are other bands on that list that honestly have no business being there. Ted Nugent? Mr. Right Wing, great white hunter, offend all the immigrants in Texas, Confederate flag wearing Ted Nugent is on this freaks list of Gay Bands. Un freaking believable!

And to top it all off, this gay bashing preacher sings his song in a pink button down shirt. Take a look in the mirror you homophobic piece of turd. I might think you are hatefull, but I won't pretend to judge what God thinks about the matter.

In his day, "The Chairman" could have kicked this guy's ass while crooning a Cole Porter show tune and romancing Ava Gardner at the same time (a whole other story with her, I realize).

God, these people are an utter pestillence. What kind of mental defective do you have to be to take them seriously?

Never mind - maybe it's better I don't know.
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