Friday, January 26, 2007

The first 08 commercial, gimme a break

If I were to guess when we might expect to see television ads being aired in relation to the upcoming Presidential race, I would have expected that sometime in late summer or early fall of this year. The primaries commence in January next year so six months of commercials to try to win the early primaries seems appropriate, if a little irritating to me.

Well silly me! The first commercial for the 2008 Presidential campaign has already aired... It occurs to me that which ever genius decided to move the christmas ad season from after Thanksgiving to mid summer annually is behind the drive to run ads for a primary that is happening in one years time. Brilliant!

Guess who is running the first commercial for the 2008 Presidential campaign? It's not Hillary. It's not Dennis Kucinich in a desperate ploy to get a bit of play and some name recognition going. Romney, McCain, Giuliani, or Obama? Not the culprits... It is Representative Duncan Hunter.

Duncan Hunter was never someone who was going to get my vote. But I believe this is just cause to not simply with hold support, but to fervently work against his candidacy. All advertising for Presidential candidates for the next two freaking endless, torment filled, arduous, maddening years may be traced to Hunters initial commercial featuring him using the border fence as a backdrop. Well done Mr. Hunter... May the power hungry ambition which led you to run a campaign commercial one year prior to the first primary be scoffed upon, and then lost to memory in the sands of history.

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