Thursday, January 11, 2007

Frame this: Bush is, was and always will be wrong

Rarely in the course of public events have we had occasion to witness a policy maker be so utterly incapable of sound judgement in decision making as is the case with President Bush.

This is the case that must be made to the American people. But I fear the case is being made too late.

I fear that no matter the public outcry, no matter the will of Congress, no matter the opinion of former world allies, no matter what anyone else thinks... this administration will proceed to further damage American interests with the policies they pursue. I sense a constitutional crisis looming that will prove a very dangerous time for our nation and what we have stood for through the years until very recently. The damage done to American interests by the bad policy of this administration is bad enough.

Make no mistake about it. This one point is so very important. If I've written the following truth once, I've written it 50 times: Iraq is hurting the American cause in the war on terror. The war in Iraq does indeed weigh heavy in the war on terror. That weight is against American interests. Expert after expert, opinion from the National Intelligence Estimate to the common sense of the average American demonstrates the damage being done to our interests because of the war in Iraq. The President and this administration are flat out wrong to invoke the war on terror as a reason to continue the war in Iraq. They MUST know that, because is it so freaking obvious.

The self evident nature of the mistaken assumptions this war was launched upon ought not be forgotten in this debate. Do not forget that the same people now arguing that Iran and Syria are causing our troubles, that Maliki is a rock of democracy, that we should never leave until Iraqi affairs are to our liking, and so on and on are the same ones who told us before the war that Iraq could launch their freaking gas attacks on U.S. cities via balsawood model airplanes. They were completely out of touch then, have demonstrated that disconnect with reality time and time again since then, and now want us to accept their proposals which they claim will lead us to victory from the quagmire their own wrong headed policies have led us into...

The logic of those who follow them after all this simply defies belief.

Somehow us Democrats are supposed to be afraid that standing up and being honest about this is to be perceived as weak on national security. The truth is that this administration has drained our treasury, and weakened our military because they are consistently wrong in matters of policy. It is this administrations mistakes that weaken our military and our cause in the war on terror, and telling the truth about that is standing up for the American cause.

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