Monday, January 08, 2007

More stuff you can't make up

Sometimes you read something in the news and find yourself re reading, and triple reading the sentence you have just read. Here is a doozy of a breaking news story straight from the lips of Gordon Smith, the Senator from my state... George Bush advises Congress that the plan to surge troops into Iraq is from Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

I seriously am not making this up. I mean, how could I? Here is the direct quote, in this case from KGW news:
Smith said he was surprised to hear Bush say the idea for more troops came from Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who presented him with the plan when they met in Jordan a few weeks ago.
Gordon Smith is surprised by Bush saying this is Maliki's idea? I passed the point of surprise over Bush babble years ago! I can just see President Bush addressing a bunch of Congress critters... and when he gets to the part about the origins of the plan to put 20,000 more Americans into the meat grinder coming from Maliki the room just becoming an uproar. How else would reasonable and sentient policy makers respond to such a claim by the President?

There are people in America right now who will actually believe this is true, because the President says it is. However, I do not believe Gordon Smith is one of them. Frankly for that matter, neither am I, nor I suspect the average person reading this post. Because sane people have given up on hearing truth from this President long long ago!

But let us, just for the sake of kicks and giggles agree to take the President at his word on this particular claim. Here we have Maliki, who thinks his own job is tough and wishes he could quit, presenting a plan to insert over 20,000 additional troops into Iraq. He wants out... but not before sending more of our military in. Here is Maliki who stopped our forces from blockading Shiite neighborhoods while trying to find one of our translators who was kidnapped evidently being the decider, yet again, as to the deployment of thousands more Americans.

We have come to the point that George Bush ignored the calls from Generals, Senators, and pundits, from since before the war began, to put substantially more troops into Iraq. The problem with increasing troop presence in Iraq then, is the same as the President is facing now. It was, and is politically unpopular. The difference between all those times and now is that there are no other options available. It is surge, or go home. So after ignoring all the advice through the years to surge, the President wants us to think he has seen the light becasue Maliki supplied him the plan? Un freaking believable! Literally un freaking believable.

On a side note, I was poking about looking for info on the meeting between Maliki and President Bush in Jordan in late November when I came across this ludicrous quote by the President: "Bush said he wanted to begin troop withdrawals “as soon as possible. But I’m a realist because I understand how tough it is inside of Iraq.” The mind boggles at the President passing himself off as a "realist". Frankly that quote is laughable on several points, but also very sad. One is left to wonder, if the President actually understands the nature of the Iraqi civil war, how in the world is he signing off on a plan to put more of our troops in, at the behest of Maliki, according to him?

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