Friday, January 26, 2007

On a personal note

I work customer service for a major, and I do mean MAJOR company. Since just after I started this blog I have worked on a team that takes escalated calls, and trouble shoots questions that front line agents have. After working on the "A-team" (assist team) for over a year I have requested to be moved from that team back to the floor. That change will start next Monday.

Normal rotation for the A team is 6 months. The company knows that it is stressfull and can lead to burnout. Most of my interaction with customers are because the customer is highly perturbed about a given issue. Yep... I'm the guy you get when you can't get what you want from the person you call, and demand to talk to their supervisor. Taking calls from agents is more pleasant, but the issues they provide normally are difficult and challenging as well.

The company has been making noise since last summer about rotating out, but I went to my supervisor and told him I wanted off at the first oppurtunity after my wife told me I ought to get off the team. Thats a sign I could not ignore!

So what this comes down to is my routine at work is about to shift dramatically. I'm not certain how this will affect my blogging, but we shall see what we shall see.

I can relate - good luck.
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