Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Starting a meme (sports related)

So I've decided to try to start a meme... something that I can trace to my own effort to start and becomes a widely accepted theme in society as a whole. It may work, it may not, but we'll see how it works.

My meme has to do with the Fiesta Bowl. In a previous post I discussed how certain plays were spectacular and important enough to recieve their own names. For example, "The Immaculate Reception". Well I've decided to try to give the play that put Boise State into overtime vs. Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl it's own name.

I went to the MSNBC college football message boards and started a discussion. My idea was to name the play "The Slingshot". The name sounded good to me because it sort of describes certain aspects of the play, and also was the weapon used by David to slay Goliath.

However on the MSNBC boards someone suggested we call it the "God loves Potatoes" play. I immediately took a liking to that and suggested we term the play... the Hot Potato. That name has been positively recieved, so I'm on a drive to start this meme. If it works, and popular sporting culture always refers to this play as the "Hot Potato", remember... you heard it here first!

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