Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stop the Webb 08 talk folks...

First, let me tell readers that this post is not meant as an attack on Jim Webb, Democratic Senator from Virginia. I think he's wonderful, and his response to the Presidents State of the Union was great. In fact I vividly recall his parting shot, advising the President that if Bush could not see fit to lead America out of Iraq then the Congress would see fit to show the way. When I heard that I got all pumped up!

So lately I've seen a few wild eyed lefty types proclaiming that Jim Webb ought to run for President in 2008. There are a couple of reasons I don't think this is going to happen.

1: Senator Webb himself seems to level headed to let the ambition affect him. I think Webb has landed in a spot in his political life where he can have a great affect on the issues that matter to him. I think he will take care of the business at hand before moving onto bigger and better. He just comes across to me like that type of guy. Level headed, sincere, and one to finish the job he starts.

Which isn't to say that at some point in the next couple of cycles that Webb may not become infected with the Presidential itch. I just don't think it's happened yet, and I don't see that happening until he puts his mark on the Senate.

2: I would like to see Webb in the Senate for more than two years. Let us pretend that the proponents of a Webb Presidential run had their wildest dreams come true. That would give him about a year of Senatorial experience, then we'd be deep into the primaries and election. It is clear the Webb is determined to make his way in Washington and has proven very effective at this early stage in the game on matters that concern him. I wouldn't mind seeing him in the Senate for another couple of decades if he keeps this up. At least another 10, and then perhaps run for the Presidency.

3: What happens to Webbs Senate seat if he wins the White House? I hardly trust Virginians to replace Webb with another Democrat. Admittedly, Virginia is trending blue, but I think if Webb is sworn into office as President in 2009, George Allen handily wins that seat back. That might be great fun for the media to watch as the two bicker back and forth for the next 8 years, but it would not be good for the Democratic party, or the nation.

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