Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who is Jamil Hussein and why you should care.(final update)

One of the stories I spouted off about caused a rather subsantial increase in hits on my obscure little blog. I titled that post "Who is Jamil Hussein and why you should care".

To briefly recap the controversy, Jamil Hussein was the source of the A.P. story about the burning alive of six Sunni's on the streets of Baghdad. The Iraqi interior ministry questioned the existence of Jamil, and they were echoed CENTCOM. This caused the right wing blogosphere to raise a hue and cry, demanding that the A.P. "present" Jamil, or scrape and grovel for forgiveness.

The A.P. stood by the story, confirming it with other independent eye witnesses, and affirmed the existence of Jamil Hussein. Rather than the wingnuts and Malkinites letting it go, they redoubled the sniping, which in turn garnered a scathing letter from the Executive Editor and Senior V.P. of The A.P.. I cover that in this post.

Ever since then the uproar by the right wingers has been... well loud and obnoxious. But today brings news that ends the controversy, once and for all.

The interior ministry has confirmed the identity of Jamil Hussein, and is issuing a warrant for his arrest because he has had unauthorized contacts with the media.

Jamil is a captain in the Iraqi police, and assigned to the Khadra police station precisely as reported the entire time by the A.P. The spokesperson for the interior ministry did not answer questions as to how the interior ministry had erred in not finding Jamil in a list of their employees, or why that error was not corrected until six weeks after they made it.

To my friends from the right, and I know from the comments that more than a few found me here due to me posting on this story in the first place, I simply ask... when will you ever get it right? Michelle Malkin and the rest of her ilk have taken yet another hit to their creidbility. How they can be so consistently wrong yet still be taken seriously is an absolute mystery to me. To simply blindly trust the interior ministry and CENTCOM, who proudly pay to put propaganda into the Iraqi media, is simply mind boggling. And then to persist in that blind trust even after the news provider in question affirms it's source is just inane.

To be honest I'm writing this entire post pretty much off the cuff and will probably regret not throwing in umpteen links and what not. But this story is important enough, and proving the utter void of logic or critical reasoning on the part of the right wing blogosphere that I have to just let it fly. I'll probably put a more intelligent response to all this together for everybody to ignore over at Kos!

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