Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And a big thank you to Russert...

The Libby trial is wrapping up. I find the closing arguments by the defense to be instructive of the way administration insiders use the press, but do not mind giving them a hearty thank you by trying their best to impeach the press's credibility.

Todays example in media relations is courtesy of Tim Russert. This is the same Tim Russert who was a favorite of administration insiders for being the format to get their message across, unimpeded by those pesky things other journalists worry about like truth, or facts, and so on. You would think the people who most benefit from this compliance would be interested in protecting their doormat... but such is not the case.

Libby's lawyers are making this a he said/he said affair, by making trying to make the crux of Libby's supposed innocence Russerts word vs Libby's. I find it highly amusing. In order to make their case they must destroy Russerts credibility. Russert, a long standing institution in journalism, moderator of one of the longest running political shows in America's history is having his word challenged by an inveterate liar. It is almost justice for Russert turning that show into an adminsitration soapbox.

One can only imagine the mortification of Russert if a jury of 12 people were to actually find Libby more believable than himself. The moral of the story? If you lie down with dogs, you are liable to get fleas. Someone needs to give Russert a flea bath...

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