Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am Spartacus

The saga of the Edwards blogger hire has come to a sad end with the resignation of the two bloggers hired by the Edwards campaign.

The way this was blown up has caused harm to all bloggers, both lefties, and the ones who so loudly beat their chests on the right as well. Believe me, when it comes to people expressing offensive opinions to certain groups, there is no set of bloggers who are safe. This was an example of right wing bloggers throwing stones from their glass houses. And they have harmed themselves, and all of us using the I Net tubes to express ourselves with their actions.

How about this for offensive content? On many occasions I have called George Bush the top recruiting officer for Al Qaeda based in Washington D.C. On nearly a daily basis I refer to koolaid drinking, administration toady, rightwing blogdiots etc... Indeed, I am Spartacus. Because evidently, since I have strong opinions and express them, I can expect to be forever stonewalled if I were to be so bold as to have political ambition, or a campaign were to like my work and try to hire me.

Well guess what folks... Nearly by definition, anyone who has the drive to blog about politics has strong opinions that someone else is going to find offensive. That is what makes America America. You can be opinionated and find your way. Politics is not only the pervue of the milktoast middle. The notion that a political position would be denied someone for offending a group they oppose is just outlandish.

Furthermore, like it or not the right wing blogosphere is Spartacus too. They are just as, if not more offensive than the left wing rabble rousers out here. If there is justice they will be held to the same impossible standards they hold the lefty bloggers to. When that happens, what do you think they will say when they find themselves unable to be gainfully employed in politics because of opinions they held which offended others?

So yes. I am Spartacus. And I say that proudly.

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