Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Marsha Blackburn loses credibility on Iraq

I watched Hardball last night and saw the most amazing interview between Chris Matthews and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. (R, Tn)

Blackburn managed to completely lose any semblance of credibility when considering the issue of Iraq in my opinion. A few weeks ago I wrote a post detailing my litmus test for credibility on Iraq when it comes to the ruling and pundit class. The basic premise is that President Bush admitted mistakes in the occupation. So the pro war talking heads could only be credible going forward if they also admitted mistakes in occupation. To quote from my post, the litmus test I set was:
Any person who supported the war in the first place but now wants to be taken seriously as a critic must express the opinion that the invasion was a mistake.
Blackburn failed that litmus test completely by saying the following:
MATTHEWS: Was sending American troops in to occupy Iraq a smart thing for American interests?

BLACKBURN: When we go in and we topple Saddam‘s regime and we began the world that the insurgents are working in and the breeding ground that they have there, that‘s the right thing to do.
Now my litmust test applies to pundits who are out there trying to gain credibility by admitting mistakes were made, and this does fit Blackburn in this case, as we shall see. But first let us focus on this quote in particular. Blackburn actually says that not only was overthrowing Saddam good, but creating the world and the breeding ground the insurgents are operating in now was good as well. To me that sentiment borders on insanity. Or treason. I honestly hope I wouldn't have to explain my reasoning here, because to me it is self evident. If Blackburn considers this "support [for] our men and women in uniform", one must wonder what sort of horrible sentiment must be expressed in order to be considered harmful to the troops.

Blackburn wants to be taken seriously so she can not claim that everything has been perfect all along. If even President Bush admits errors have been made, she must admit to errors as well, which she does very grudgingly:
MATTHEWS: And occupy it for four years?

BLACKBURN: Has everything been perfect going forward? Not exactly right.
"Not exactly right." The only shred of credibility left to Blackburn after this comes from the fact that she has a vote in the House of Representatives. There simply is no other reason to give her opinion any heed what so ever beyond that sad fact.

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