Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Schizo White House

Vice President Dick Cheney and the White House have heralded the announcement of the withdrawal from Iraq of British forces as a "victory". In the very same appearance the Vice President condemned the approach of Democratic Congressional leaders to the Iraq war as an affirmation of Al Qaeda strategy.

So somehow, withdrawing is ok if you're a Brit, but if you don't support a surge in American troop levels, you are validating Al Qaeda. The illogic could not be more obvious. We are used to seeing the White House disconnect from reality, but with Cheneys statement he has disconnected from the alternate reality he created!

Now I realize there are those on the right, and under the age of 3, who will not admit to this logical fallacy. I simply ask you to consider the following truths: The threat that has been harped upon the loudest for the last several months by the Bush administration has been about the supposed intrusion of Iran in the war in Iraq. Britain is responsible for security in southern Iraq, which is the population hub of the Iraqi Shiite population. It is that demographic which is closely allied with the Iranians. Therefore it seems that the Iranians, who pose the greatest threat according to the White House, are being allowed unfettered access to their allies in southern Iraq by the withdrawal of the British.

But keeping our soldiers in the middle of a civil war is vital, in order to not give validation to Al Qaeda.

Here is what validates Al Qaeda Mr. Cheney. Pictures of Iraqi's piled into naked pyramids, guilty pleas by Americans for raping and killing Iraqi families, invading Arab lands against the expressed will of the international community, basing war against an Arab land upon falsehood, causing untold thousands of deaths, bleeding the treasury and military, using 9/11 as a platform to run roughshod over the constitution, and the list could go on to create a book. In fact it is YOU Mr. Cheney... you and this administration who have validated Al Qaeda beyond the wildest dreams of that vile organizations founders.

I suggest a new tack for Democrats who want to end this horrible Bush mistake in Iraq. If it is victory when the British withdraw, let us also have our victory, and withdraw in turn. After all, it is the White House who have used the word victory in describing the British withdrawal.

Or will they veritably have their cake, and eat it too?

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