Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sick sick sick...

A lawyer for an Australian being held in Guantanamo Bay relates the news that U.S. authorities have commissioned a poster, to be displayed in full view of the detainees exercise yard, showing an image of Saddam Hussein's hanging corpse. The detainees also are witness to a collage of pictures of Hussein's trial, and what can only be called a death threat associated with these images for those who do not cooperate with American interrogators.

Who ever thinks this crap up is psychopathic. I'm serious. It takes a sick, depraved, disturbed mind to think up stuff like this.

Can you imagine the uproar if suspects in capital cases in the United States of America were shown pictures of people put to death in the electric chair during a suspects interrogation? Or shown pictures of dead people with needles sticking out of their arms? And told these people died because they did not tell the truth when they were questioned. Depravity is the only way to describe this.

It just defies belief that Americans would systematically treat human beings this way. It defies belief that this is being done by an administration which purports to follow Christian values. It defies belief that there are medical and mental health professionals being used to carry this forward. When these doctors come home, do you want them treating your family? It is a disgrace!

To me, the torture of human beings as promulgated by this administration is a stain on this nations honor which can not be forgiven. This administration MUST be made to pay for this single dishonor to America. They must, at the very least, be impeached. American policy is such that we as a nation have taken our place on the stage with the other monsters of history. To think that the visage of one of the most monstrous tyrants in world history is used by America to in turn torment detainees under our control is simply revolting.

Oh yes, you are most certainly correct! This group of ghouls are seriously perverse in everything they do and why they do it. It's so creepy, the total control, domination--makes me ill like a twilight zone. Who would have thought that the world would suffer another bout of horrid nazi's more twisted than the first set. It's unthinkable how far backwards we've regressed as a nation and the eternity of ugliness we have let unfold. The cowboys & indians' game earns a lota dough for a lota connected folks...I think they just want to keep it all going. Many of the socalled "insurgents" are probably on the payroll.
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