Thursday, February 22, 2007

Speaking of what is or isn't news...

Let me perform a bit of a public service here and now. I want to launch a preemptive strike from my little corner of the blogosphere.

Any television network that gives a television program to the whack job judge overseeing the freakazoid Anna death show, will be boycotted. Their advertisers will be bombarded with hate mail and their local affiliates will be picketed.

The notion that a judge would use his courtroom as a platform to blatantly pitch himself is outrageous. To intentionally turn the proceedings into a travesty which will rudely intrude into every newscast I want to watch tonight is not acceptable. This man ought to be disbarred, and deported to Antartica.

I just KNOW that some network can't wait to toss this guy a show. And it makes me sick.

The reason I'm willing to pay this a bit of attention on Club Lefty is because this weirdo is doing something to our system of justice, which if he is allowed to set a precedent may lead to all sorts of ugliness. This entire story needs to dissapear. And this freak of a human certainly should not be rewarded for his terrible behavior.

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