Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An example of Gonzales protecting our kids.

I think the following story is simply appalling. Gut churningly, sickeningly... make me want to retch, appalling!

The Texas Rangers conducted an investigation into allegations that administrators of the Texas Youth Commission were sexually abusing the kids they had locked up. These are kids incarcerated in youth facilities for various run ins with the law. It turns out that these administrators of the Texas Youth Commission are perverts who would wake these kids after hours for "all night sex parties". The investigation proved that these abuses were systematic.

But the Justice Department declined to prosecute. Not because the abuse did not occur. But because none of the boys who were abused complained of experiencing physical pain during the course of the abuse. Also listed as reasons to not prosecute were that the Justice Department could not find that the administrators had used death threats or other such threats of force or kidnapping in order to abuse the teen age boys. So if some pervert has his way with a minor by offering them candy in exchange... that's ok? COME ON! The letters from the Justice Department even use the word "assault" to describe the interactions between the administrators and the boys... but somehow they can't find any reason to prosecute these child rapers! It really is outrageous.

This was Gonzales last Thursday: "I'm not going to resign. I'm going to stay focused on protecting our kids,". I am sick to death of this administration using hot button phraseology while conducting themselves in ways that directly contradicts what they are saying. A great example is how conducting the war in Iraq has supposedly helped us in the war on terror. These issues are too freaking important to simply gloss over with platitudes while you do the exact opposite of the right thing to do behind the scenes. Gonzales needs to START acting like the top law enforcement officer of the land and protect kids for real... not just when it is politically convenient.

Which brings us to the issue of exactly why the Texas Ranger investigation was met by such a yawn from the Justice Department. The investigation occurred during the summer of 05. The Justice Department letter declining to prosecute these pedophiles was written on Sept. 07, 2005. This insured that the lurid details of the scandal would not be playing out in the courtroom and in televisions across the state of Texas during Rick Parry's run for Governor. The fact is that the federal prosecutor actually had indictments drawn up, but was instructed from Washington to not serve them. Protecting known pedophiles in charge of at risk youth in order to not cause political ripples is sick sick sick! Then trumpeting yourself as the great protector of children... well that's about typical for the cabal running this adminisration right now.

Guess what folks. This is just another of a seemingly endless string of stories about this administration that are simply beyond the pale. This type of revelation is so common these days that it truly is like rain on a ducks back. There simply is no way to keep up with all this. No one can be blamed for just going into a shell.

Finally, how many times have you heard "if this had come out when Clinton was President" followed by some description of political armageddon which would have been the Republicans response. Heck, even now, over 6 years after Clinton left office, he is still the favorite whipping boy of conservatives. Their main justification for manifest disaster after disaster by this administration is that Clinton did it too, but with inevitably weak and tenuous logic to demonstrate their case. Well try to imagine the absolute volcano that would have erupted had the Clinton Justice Department declined to prosecute administrative pedophiles in youth prisons in a blue state just prior to an election. Just try to imagine the reaction to that!

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