Friday, March 30, 2007

Jeremy Zilber officially rocks...

Here I am, some obscure little blogger in an ocean of blogs. My voice is a veritable whisper in the storm. My opinion has as much effect on the national debate as an individual drop of water has in the desert. But every few months or so, something happens on this blog which makes me decide it is all worthwhile. Yesterday that something happened...

I wrote (I hate even using the word wrote to describe my past Neanderthal like expressions via the keyboard, especially in the context of having an accomplished author comment on the blog but I digress) about the Gmail account of Michael Beck (oag) with yesterdays post. One of the tidbits I found interesting about Beck's Gmail account was the targeted ads from Google, one of which was an ad for the children's book "Why Mommy Is A Democrat". So this afternoon I checked Club Lefty in preparation to make a post adding my two cents to the blog against theocracy blogswarm Blue Gal tuned me into. Lo and behold there was a comment waiting on the Gmail post:
jzilber said...
I'm the author/publisher of Why Mommy is a Democrat. Thanks for pointing this out -- I think it's hilarious. And of course I'm honored to be a small part of an official document dump.

(By the way: Google has much more control over where the ad shows than I do. I'm trying to target Democrats, but Google shows the ad on virtually any website or gmail correspondence that has anything to do with politics or related topics. It's an inexact science, to say the least. If anyone could figure out a more efficient way to place these ads, they'd put Google out of business in about five minutes.)
I am absolutely delighted that the author of Why Mommy Is A Democrat would leave a comment on that post. So I googled Jeremy Zilber just to see what turned up, and... lo and behold, Club Lefty isn't the only blog graced by our esteemed author. Mr. Zilber seems to enjoy nothing more than parachuting behind enemy lines and mixing it up in their home territory. He's gone on a radio show with the founder of Powerline, and responded in the comments to another decidedly right wing blog called COUNTERCOLUMN: The Adjunct of Evil. These two examples of Mr. Zilber's good work in mixing it up with the other side on their turf are in the first 10 of 26,700 links relating to Mr. Zilber.

I'm certain there are many other such examples... with appearances both on the left and right side of the political spectrum. I must say though that his comment here made my day, and I wish him all the best in his continued work to get out the word!

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