Thursday, March 22, 2007

Now THAT is real "family values"

John Edwards appeared with his wife at a press conference to announce a recurrence of her cancer. Despite various reports to the contrary he will continue his run for President.

So... Edwards didn't follow the example provided by Newt Gingrich and serve his wife with divorce papers when she was hospitalized with cancer.

Edwards didn't follow the example of Rudy Giuliani and announce to his wife at a press conference that he was divorcing her. Then, in an attempt to define the word absurd, Giuliani's answer to queries about his estranged children from his previous wife is a plea that the media allow his family life to be kept private. Only the Republican front runner for President could display such a shocking example of hypocrisy, and not be laughed into political retirement.

In fact Mitt Romney is the only viable Republican running who could hope to hold a candle to the example shown by the Edwards... or the Clinton's for that matter! I can just see the steam coming off of any conservative who reads this, but the fact is that whatever foibles President Clinton has, his marriage to Hillary is the only marriage for either of them.

I look forward to the vast ocean of right wing family values voters who will certainly switch their previous monolithic support from Republicans to Democrats. The fact is the Democrats lead by example in living the types lives these same voters profess to be the ideal. The leading Republicans, with the notable exception of Romney, hardly can say the same.

True family values voters will vote for Mitt Romney. You're really stretching credibility when you imply that staying married while doing an intern shows good family values. You bring up Clinton and say "the Democrats lead by example"!
erm... yes actually. Not getting divorced despite marital problems does demonstrate a certain family value. The example set by the top Republicans, excluding Romney, is to cheat, and then divorce the wife.

You would not advocate in all cases of marital infidelity that the couple divorce I hope... I certainly am not attempting to justify adultery. In a perfect world there would be no cheaters. Yet we live in an imperfect world, so assuming infidelity does occur I do think saving the marriage reflects better upon the pairing than divorcing the spouse to run off with the mistress. In the sad case of how to handle marital infidelity, I do believe the Clintons show a good example actually.
I can't believe you are acting as if infidelity just happens. It doesn't "just happen" to someone. Someone has to do it. Bill Clinton did it. That is a bad example.

Hillary had just cause to dump him, but didn't, showing fortitude or charity. She could be considered a good example in that way.

But Bill? The only way I could see him as a good example is if Hillary is such a rotten wife that she drove him into temporary insanity but he stuck with her anyway.
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