Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pelosi nails it!

Let me first admit to my own failings as a political animal. I full well know that I am hopelessly liberal. In fact I'm proud of that. I try to stand back from the raging tempest and see things clearly, but I know that more often than not my thinking is hopelessly colored by my partisanship. Honestly, I wouldn't change that if I could.

This partisanship on several occasions has resulted in me being sorely disappointed with the newly installed Democratic Congress. For example, I was very put out at Congressional Democratic leaderships determination to take impeachment off the table. Impeachment off the table? Not only should it be squarely on the table, but we will do future generations of Americans a terrible disservice if we do not bring this administration to an inglorious political end. Not just in the court of public opinion. In the halls of justice. In the history books. In any way imaginable on a societal level... from kindergarten classes to hospital death beds, the memory of this administration ought to be as of a stain that was unfortunate for it's happening, but eventually cleaned by impeachment. Future wanna be lawless, power hungry, opportunistic, war mongers must look at the example our generation makes of President Bush, and decide to not pursue the same course for fear of sharing that ignominy.

Frankly impeachment ought not be a political hot potato. Sadly, it is.

Don't get me wrong either. Congress has improved markedly since the grown ups took control in January. One example of this is the reaction of Speaker Pelosi to a veto threat from the White House if Congress withdraws funding for blindly continuing the Iraq disaster. The headline on the story is fantastic: "Pelosi says 'So what?' to Bush veto threat on Iraq funding"

I say right on! So what if the President veto's that bill. He must sign a bill that has funding or by default there is no funding what-so-ever. (Unless the President just creates his own money to fund the war, which I wouldn't put past him actually.) If the President veto's legislation, because goals supported by the vast majority of Americans are set as landmarks in that bill, he will be the one cutting off the funding not Congress.

I especially appreciate Pelosi's detailed response to the veto threat:
"I say to my colleagues never confine your best work, your hopes, your dreams, the aspiration of the American people to what will be signed by George W. Bush because that is too limiting a factor,"
Here's my new commercial idea inspired by Nancy Pelosi: Speakers gavel: $20.00 Stylish Designer Dress Suit: $750 New Drapes for the Speakers Office: $200 Finding your voice and speaking truth to power: Priceless!

So yes there are times when I roll my eyes and throw up my hands in frustration at the new Congressional leadership. But then there are days like today when I read a story and want to pump my fist in the air in triumph with a hearty exclamation of Right On!

It's an astute observation but also fair to say I think, that Bush will probably do just what he threatens, move funding around withing the executive to continue to prosecute the war. And his argument, will be: Congress cannot limit my powers as Commander in Chief. Therefore I am free of Congressional limitations of how money is to be spent. In other words, the congressional budget is irrelevant.
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