Thursday, March 15, 2007

When Cheshire Cats Attack! Or Whats Up With Tom Delay?

The Washington Post sent a three man team into Robert Novaks sarcophagus. Said team opened Novaks coffin, where upon two of the team were promptly sucked dry of blood, but the third was allowed to escape with a column... written in the blood of his two colleagues. Novakula's column details the upcoming book of Tom Delay.

I've been wondering what Delay has been up to lately. He seemed to slowly disappear from the scene leaving only the image of his beaming smile from the mugshot. As it turns out, Delay has been bashing out a tome which purports to set the record straight about his time in Washington.

Delay is angry. Of course anger being nothing new to Delay, one would kind of expect that. You already knew he does not like liberals, Democrats, atheists, Muslim's, Hollywood, the French, soccer, rock and roll, unicorns, puppies, and a host of other such subversive influences. But in this book Delay lets Republicans have it! There is nothing so fun as hearing about a good old fashioned wood shedding of conservatives, by conservatives, as told by a conservative.

This must be heavens gift to liberals, making us all warm and happy even as the formerly dejected Conservatives fell further into despair.

Let us consider some of what Delay says about his fellow Republican leadership shall we? Delay laments the lack of moral standing by Republicans in pursuing the impeachment of President Clinton for lying about an extra marital affair, even as Newt Gingrich carried on his own extra marital dalliance. In noting this rank hypocrisy Delay demonstrates the ability to tell an obvious truth. Noting this ability is not me trying to sound snide or sarcastic mind you. This basic ability to be honest in a most basic manner is a welcome change from what we have grown to expect from Republican spokespeople for the last several years. As tempting as it is to slam Delay around for his own ethical lapses while lecturing Gingrich about moral hypocrisy, I'll simply move to the next subject.

Here is Novakula relating Delay's take on President Bush:
The memoir ends DeLay's reticence in criticizing President Bush. Deriding Bush's self-identification as "a compassionate conservative," DeLay asserts that "he has expanded government to suit his purpose, especially in the area of education. He may be compassionate, but he is certainly no conservative in the classic sense."
Here I must call foul. Delay was the major Republican political force in the House of Representatives during the time Bush was supposedly responsible for overseeing this nightmare from Delay's perspective. Does Delay simply expect his readers to forget how he declared "ongoing victory" over wasteful spending and declared there was no fat left in the federal budget? When it comes to the expanding size of government, Delay's Cheshire Cat grin ought to be pictured with a feather from the missing Canary dangling precariously from his toothy grin. He shares the guilt with Bush, he is not the innocent bystander he portrays himself as.

On the particular issue (education) which Delay takes Bush to task over, this is what Delay told Rush Limbaugh:
"Well, I have to admit it, I voted for that awful education bill. . . . I came here to eliminate the Department of Education . . . so it was very hard for me to vote for something that expands the Department of Education. . . .But this is one [the Presidents] big agenda items... I did not want to be the person -and I have people who follow me- to keep it from going on."
Interestingly enough, when Tom Delay debated his opponent in the 2004 election he claimed to support the No Child Left Behind Act. Just think of this. John Kerry was widely scorned for being for it before he was against it. But Delay was voting for it even as he was against it, and then was for it again, but with the new book, is against it! My po li'l haid is a spinnin' all 'round tryin' to keep up wid jus wha' Delay stands for when it comes to educayshun!

With stuff like this I just can't wait for the Bush and Gingrich memoirs to come out...

"He may be compassionate, but he is certainly no conservative in the classic sense."

This goes to prove just how delusional DeLay still is. Bush is neither comassionate OR conservative.
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