Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ben Graber, (D. Florida) must be defeated

The Hill is reporting on Representative Robert Wexler (D. Florida) who made a famed appearance on the Colbert Report. My wife and I watched that show on the day it was recorded, and I must say that it was one of the funniest, most entertaining programs in my memory.

To breifly recap, when Colbert interviewed Wexler, he was running unopposed for the congressional seat in his district. Colbert dared Wexler to say something that would lose him the election if he were opposed. Colbert then asked Wexler to complete the sentence “I enjoy cocaine because ...” and Wexler rose to the challenge by saying: “because it’s a fun thing to do.”

Reading the recap in print hardly conveys the hilarity of that moment. Wexler was obviously joking, and that segment was positively hilarious, mainly due to that moment.

After that appearance various political leaders have disparaged appearing on the Colbert Report. This will be the 2nd post in a row where in I say that despite my appreciation of the Democratic Congress to this point, I believe the leadership of my party in Congress has got it wrong, this time regarding Colbert. A great example is provided by Eleanor Holmes from Washington D.C. She has an ongoing... erm... dispute, with Colbert and has appeared multiple times on his program. Evertime I see Holmes debating Colbert I am impressed by her quick wit and good natured toughness.

Make no mistake about it, there are times when Colbert can really cut up someone he's interviewing. The one I remember most of all was the Republican from Georgia who sponsored legislation to have the 10 commandments posted in public schools. Colbert zinged him by asking him to name the commandments, which of course was tremendous fun as the Rep. squirmed and finally admitted that he did not know them. It was hilarious.

Anyway, Congressman Wexler has some primary challenger in his district promising to make the Colbert appearance an issue in the upcoming primary. Ben Graber is acting like maybe Wexler wasn't joking after all...
“There are many ways to look at it,” Graber said. “Maybe he was shocked and the truth came out.”
No Graber. There are not many ways to look at this one. Frankly if this attack on Wexler is allowed to gain any sort of footing, it will be a sad day in American politics. We need more humor, not less in todays acidic political environment. Graber's take on Wexler is part of the problem. He is being disingenuous and opportunistic when he thinks he sees a chance to garner political power. "There are many ways to look at it" indeed. I have never heard of Graber prior to today, but with statements like that I feel entirely comfortable in inviting him to renounce his Democratic membership and become a member of the Republican party. This is something I would expect from Karl Rove!

If Graber succeeds the lesson will be loud and clear. That lesson is one that will affect all of us. Our politicians will become even more hide bound by scripted talking points, mortified that deviating from the focus group tested line will result in fodder for some future challenger. Graber must not just be defeated in the primary, he must be crushed and frankly humiliated.

You lame people are freaking out because the press asked Graber if he would use the interview in the upcoming election and he said "Oh Yeah!". It is you all who need to lighten up. Aside from Wexler's cocaine interview no one knows what the hell else he has even done since he has been in office the last 10 years. You obviously dont know Graber yet, cause if you did, you would already know he is quite funny and has an extraordinary sense of humor. But even more than that the guy is very smart and can also be an effective. If you would stop being so ridiculous you would realize this guy blows away Wexler on all levels from humor to intelligence to strength of character to effectiveness as a legislator. Why dont you all stop being so LAME and get to know Graber before you embarrass yourselves any more.
who wrote this? wexler's mom?
Robert Wexler denies the Armenian Genocide, Voted to go to war in Iraq, heads the Turkish conference,is the most traveled congressperson paid for by lobbyists, never passed a bill in 11 years in congressa and has flipped flopped on multiple issues based on polling. Do you still think he needs to be kept in congress?
I thought W was the stupidest man in politics. Graber may take over that position. Wexler is a decent man, involved in all the important moral issues. Is Graber nuts?
I just received a mailer from the Ben Graber For Congress Committee. It's a masterpiece of polite slander. Each item is carefully worded to convey and unfavorable impression.

Dr. Graber is a fine man, and I find it hard to believe he approved this insult to everyone's intelligence.
Dr Graber is who we need in Congress. He is an honorable man and someone who can help fix this country and get us back on track.

Whoever wrote this little article is the one who needs to lighten up. Bottom line is Wexler sucks. And this is just one of many stupid things he has done while in Congress. If Wexler had spent more time trying to be a good congressman and less time trying to do luxury travel on taxpayer money, and being comedian... maybe the people in his district wouldnt be so humiliated by their choice. But he didnt - and now he's finished. Hope he enjoyed his few moments of fame... This man is worthless.

read more...(
Ben Graber is aroused by women that pee on themselves. Wait, that's not the right Ben Graber.
The bald headed freak is absolutely right. Ben Graber is a phony. His campaign is supported by Republican PAC money.

If you love George Bush, then Ben Graber is your kind of guy. Everybody else be warned.

Also, Robert Wexler has been keeping the pressure up on holding the Bush administration accountable for their war crimes and other offenses against our democracy. We need to keep him in Washington to finish the job once Democrats take back the White House.
he does not even live in del ray florida..he lives in maryland
let him go there
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