Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bush aggravated with Gonzo,should look in mirror

The Washington Post has a write up of the Presidents relationship with embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The following sentence really stuck out as far as I'm concerned:
Bush does not think Gonzales did anything wrong in dismissing the prosecutors, according to aides, but has been aggravated by his friend's clumsy, shifting explanations of what happened.
The President is skating on very thin ice if he's gonna start holding it against people when they give shifting, clumsy explanations. In fact shifting clumsy excusifying is a hallmark of this President, his spokes toadies and the entire Republican establishment. Why is Fredo suddenly out of favor with the President for simply doing what the President and everyone else associated with him does all the time? It would be like me copping an attitude with a friend of mine, for blogging!

Let us be honest with ourselves. When these Republican operatives talk about shifting clumsy explanations, that is a euphemism for lying. It would be refreshing to hear a Republican tell us the unvarnished truth, and the above quote is actually a great example. I think we would be SHOCKED if whoever had given the quote had just said "the President is aggravated about Gonzales lying", which is what they were saying, without actually saying it.

There is a good reason these mealy mouthed liars (it is embarrassing to even watch them most of the time) are so prevalent through out the Republican establishment. They simply can not be honest and tow the party line. Dick Cheney is the absolute king of shifty, clumsy, ham handed, wrong headed rhetoric, (read inveterate lying) and he's not facing the heat from Bush... as far as the outside world can see anyway. Nearly any speech or interview given by Cheney includes outright falsehood, permutations of history, and the use of various linguistic gymnastic techniques, that would lead an honest person to blush in shame around decent company.

Indeed, President Bush started and has continued the Iraq war on "clumsy shifting explanations" (commonly defined as lies). This raises the question, how many people have died because of Fredo's shiftiness (lies)? In fact I suppose we can understand how Al's boss would be a bit peeved at him. The American people are ostensibly the boss of President Bush, and we certainly seem to be peeved with him!

Speaking of the relationship of lieutenants to bosses, the paragraph following the above quote in the WAPO article is eye opening:
What happens if he [Gonzales] does not [fix the situation with his testimony to Congress] remains unclear. No one in the White House believes Gonzales can say anything that would get Democrats to drop the matter, but his supporters hope he can be confident and consistent enough to explain his role without providing more ammunition for critics. Should he stumble, some Republicans said, Gonzales has a responsibility to fall on his sword, sparing Bush having to ask.
Hear hear! Much the same as Bush has the responsibility to fall on HIS sword (figuratively speaking to be sure) sparing his boss, the people, having to ask as well. The President has had multiple chances to get his story straight, to tell the truth and try to stop the bleeding, and he has consistently refused to take the necessary steps. He should do the honorable thing at this point, recognize that he has lost the faith and trust of we the people, and resign.

Of course that will never happen. The notion that the President would do the right thing has long ago become a fanciful delusion.

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