Monday, April 30, 2007

I am honored, and my own list.

Kvatch has given me a link from his blog, telling his readers that Club Lefty is a "Real Thinkers Blog".

I am sort of floored to be honest. Sometimes I'll read one of my posts and just throw up my hands at what I consider to be overwrought and confused writing. I know very well what I'm trying to say, but when I bash it out in a post quite often it seems to be a rambling mess. I very rarely include pictures with my posts, so that also causes me to fret about the blog seeming to have basically the same boring message day after day. As you can see by all this, my efforts here are framed with self doubt.

Therefore, having Kvatch vouch for Club Lefty as a thinkers blog really is an honor. His blog Blognonymous is a great addition to my blogroll, and a very entertaining read.

In the spirit in which Kvatch made his post, let me now give my list of 5 blogs, beyond Blognonymous, which I reccomend.

I always check in with Blue Gal. She can be counted on to have intelligent posts on things which most of the mainstream media and big boy bloggers are not paying any attention to. She is well on her way to becoming a "big boy" or big gal on the blogging scene as it is, and watching her grow has been a pleasure.

Agitprop is simply hilarious! They are not entirely devoted to political humor, and the serious posts are cutting and insightful to be sure... but I go there for the photo shopped fun fun fun.

The next is a twofer. I'm contributing to All Things Democrat, and two of my fellow contributors have great blogs. Authors Ricky Shambles at Cause for Concern and Kate Chase at Cut to the Chase each offer fantastic writing and very intelligent takes on politics. There have been recent additions to the contributors at All Things Democrat and I'm certain they have fantastic blogs as well, but I have yet to actually peruse their blogs so I'll withhold judgement at this point.

Next, I especially appreciate Jesus was a Liberal for focusing on politics from a liberal Christians (me too!) perspective. That perspective does not have sufficient voice and I fear the impression by the world at large of Christianity as practiced by Americans has suffered as a result.

Let me wrap up with a nod to Prague Twin. After all, it seems that everyone else who has taken the trouble to make their top 5 list has him on it, and for good reason. P.T. uses his blog to issue pearls of wisdom about the world of finance (even posting a well thought out rebuttal on this blog regarding my take on gas prices), and to lay down the hammer on conservatives. For example, this thread of emails betwixt Twin and Nathan Tabor of the Conservative voice is very entertaining. I bow to Twins persistence in trying to get a straight answer in the face of quite stubborn refusal to provide those answers on the part of Tabor.

Thanks for the linky love, hon.
Thanks for the nod. I appreciate it.
And let me chime in by're welcome, BHFRIK.

Though I think that everyone suffers from that post that goes on a bit, your's always have the goods.
Thanks, greatly appreciated, especially given the quality and character of your thought and how well you express it. For me the biggest problem with Christianity is that it has yet to be tried on any significant scale. What has passed for Christianity has for the large part over the millenium been anything but Christ-like. May you bath in peace and happiness and the angels sing you to sleep.
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