Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's been a bit of a struggle

The last couple of days have really been a struggle for me when it comes to blogging. My heart really has not been in it to be honest, and I think that has been reflected by the recent posts.

After the massacre I typed up a bit of a blurb advising readers that I would not be posting out of a sense of respect for the tragedy, but then I decided to try to continue blogging as normal and deleted that blurb. In keeping in touch with the blogosphere it was clear that the event would be used for political purpose, which to this point I have stayed well clear of. But my overall logic for continuing to post followed the lines of "if the other side isn't going to give a moment of silence, my side can't be expected to simply unilaterally surrender".

But it has been very difficult. I honestly wish I had gone with my instinct on this rather than trying to force out opinion when my heart wasn't in it...

i've been very disheartened as well, and not just by the carnage at blacksburg... i continue to watch my country being dismembered before my very eyes, and returning to the u.s. on sunday, after being away since the first of the year, has only intensified my glum mood...

of all places, the wapo captured my thoughts about the massacre at virginia tech...
"Officials, newspaper columnists and citizens around the world Tuesday described the Virginia Tech massacre as the tragic reflection of an America that fosters violence at home and abroad, even as it attempts to dictate behavior to the rest of the world.

From European countries with strict gun-control laws to war-ravaged Iraq, where dozens of people are killed in shootings and bombings each day, foreigners and their news media used the university attack to condemn what they depicted as U.S. policies to arm friends, attack enemies and rely on violence rather than dialogue to settle disputes."
when i read and listen to all the incredibly shallow spoutings that are taking place in the u.s. about monday's horror and then read what the rest of the world is thinking, it's more clear than ever just how terribly sick our country is...

will we take advantage of this sad opportunity to move our national dialog to a level of serious self-relection...? i am not optimistic...

on a poster he did for earth day in 1970, the late walt kelly's cartoon character pogo said it best...

"We have met the enemy and he is us."
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