Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My solution: Defund

In my last post I waxed eloquent (or cavemanlike as the case may be) on the threat posed by this President to the constitution. I have a proposal for how to proceed with fixing this...

Any activity undertaken by the government MUST be funded by congress. I propose that if the President sees fit to appoint a nominee to Belgium who had to have his nomination withdrawn from the Senate because he could not get sufficient support, that the congress respond by not funding the embassy in Belgium, until the President discharges his duty faithfully.

I think congress ought to defund the detainee prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

I have heard speculation on what would happen if the Congress defunded the Iraq war. The speculation goes into the President shifting funds from various projects to keep the war going as long as possible. I contend that in itself is not legal.

If the Congress approves... say $300 million for a bridge to nowhere in Alaska, the President would not be in his rights to take that money and use it for the Iraq quagmire. The same concept pertains to intra defense department spending as well. The funds intended by congress to pay for a star wars defense sheild, while certainly being wasted... ought not be allowed to be usurped by the President for some other purpose.

So if congress defunds GITMO, and the president moves funds from some other appropriation to that purpose, that in my opinion would be an impeachable offense. Just one more on a stack of them... but it is still worth noting.

Great idea----defunding. I am going to write several e-mails to Congress right now.
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