Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Quite possibly the stupidest question in history

I'm a glutton for punishment so every so often I will load up the White House webby and sift through the various links. Today I linked to an interview of Vice President Dick Cheney, by Don and Roma Wade from WLS, Chicago. There is a question in this interview which is so entirely devoid of logic, reality, or any other redeeming quality that I actually burst into laughter when I read it:
Q Our son is on the U.S.S. Nimitz, headed for his third Iraq tour. And, Mr. Vice President, if the Democrats succeed in cutting off funding for the war, will his squadron's jets sit idle on the carrier because they have no fuel?
The utter depth of stupidity demonstrated by this question can hardly be plumbed. The Democrats are actually funding the war, with a timetable! The Democrats are not cutting off funding for ALL military endeavors after that timetable is passed... Actually, I feel so vapid even responding to this utterly dumb question that I don't even want to continue.

I'm not sure who these folks are on WLS radio in Chicago, but good lawd yall! Let us hope and pray that with demonstrations of shining intellect like this, they are not influincing too many impressionable people out there.

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