Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wow... Rahm lets it all hang out.

Representative Rahm Emmanuel has given a speech (transcript via TPM) which is a must read. Emmanuel makes a convincing case that the Bush administration has attempted to corrupt the basic day to day operation of government to the partisan service of the Republican party.

I think the speech is spot on. I am about to suggest one addendum, but before I do let me specify that I realize Emmanuel was probably constrained by time. If he could have made the time, I think it would have been a perfect addition to this speech for him to take 10 minutes and explain how the Republican controlled Congress was crucial to allowing this to happen.

The lack of oversight, and rubberstamp nature of the Delay/Frist Congress was exactly the wrong remedy this nation needed in the face of an over reaching President. Maybe Rahm can give a speech in the future about just how that happened. It may cause him some discomfort with his colleagues, but the way that Congress enabled Bush is a crucial part of the story.

Finally he could wrap up with a take on how the media played along as well, in a third speech.

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