Friday, May 25, 2007

Cheney Is A Traitor

The stories coming from Washington about the activities being carried out by Dick Cheney are truly breathtaking. First Steve Clemons of the Washington note reported that Cheney is worried that President Bush will not make the right decisions regarding Iran, and Cheney is performing an end run around the President in order to guide America to a military confrontation with Iran.

Cheney has an aide meeting with hawks around Washington trying to form a narrative that will rally neoconservatives to a single purpose, which is to attack Iran. If the President can not be moved with pressure from the domestic right the Vice President is planning on colluding with Israel. They would strike Iran, causing retaliatory strikes against American interests in Iraq and the Gulf, and drawing America into a hot war with Iran.

This report is now being confirmed by Joe Klein, who has double sourced the story. Kleins sources also add the insight that when Rumsfeld was exiting the Pentagon, the President asked the Joint Chiefs of Staff about the proposed troop surge into Iraq. They were unanimously opposed. The President also asked their opinions on an attack on Iran, and again the Joint Chiefs were unanimously opposed, mainly because of the sketchy intelligence we have inside Iran. The Chiefs also warned that the response from Iran, both in the region and possibly to the American homeland could be "devastating".

Let there be no mistake in this regard. What Cheney has been caught doing is no less than treason. He is using his office in attempting to supplant the wishes of the Commander in Chief with Cheneys own determinations, leading us into a war we would not otherwise fight. And those assisting him in trying to force the President to a military confrontation that Bush does not want are being treasonous as well. Clemons reports on a conversation with a former national intelligence official who characterizes the activities of Cheney and his subordinates as "potentially criminal insubordination". Cheney does not just need to resign, he needs to be arrested!

Let me add one final observation. Any red blooded American conservative who has a Cheney acolyte approach them requesting assistance in fomenting an unwanted war against the wishes of the Commander in Chief should be ruined if they assist with the scheme. Conservative think tanks, media personalities and talking point manufacturers should come to the defense of this nation right now. If the Vice President is allowed to carry out this scheme there is no meaning to the Constitution. Principled conservatives... stand and fight for this nation now. Make it clear that plots fostered in the fevered minds of zealots to lead this nation to war are not a feature of conservatism. On the other hand, if these conservative institutions are found to be assisting in the treasonous actions of the Vice President, they should be punished severely.

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