Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I am troubled re: Falwell

Well... this is going to be a tough post.

Jerry Fallwell died today. I have been following the reaction from the left wing blogosphere, and to be honest I do not like alot of what I see.

I may have fought tooth and nail against everything Falwell stood for in politics. I may have thought his take on Christianity was sadly warped, and detested how his example reflected on those of us who try to live Christian lives.

But the man died. He had a family, and those people must be saddened by his passing, regardless of his politics.

Indeed I think those who typically agree with me show the same sort of intolerance and hatefullness that we found so objectionable in Fallwell when they rejoice at his death.

I am not saying the fight for justice and social equality of we the people, in all of our forms, should be put on hold for the time being. We need to redouble our efforts to fight that which Fallwell represented. But at least show some of the same tolerance and good will which we call for in those who disagree with us.

Today of all days... let us be the example. Let us reflect on Fallwell as a fellow human being, with foibles and weaknesses like any other man, but with a family and others who loved him... Today of all days, do not let us become that which we hate.

i do agree with you... as much as he was prone to spout hate, and depending on what you believe about what, if anything, comes after death, he will either have to face the full reality of his life or not... in any case, judging him, in life or in death, is not mine to do... i rather prefer to think that he helped some of us stay focused on greater truths which are such a tremendous contrast to what he preached... in any case, if there is something that lies beyond, he is now having the opportunity to experience what it REALLY is rather than what he thought it is...
I do feel badly for his family...but he was a jerk who caused a lot of pain for people around the world. Would we sit in sorrow for Hitler? I know I wouldn't. I do hope he and his family finds real peace one day.
I don't sit in sorrow for him. I am not out rejoicing in his death either. But I would be lying if I said I was not relieved that he is gone. Hopefully, there is no jerk out there ready to take his place. Also, I am not reading too much about his passing or reading those who hoot and hollow about it one way or the other (except to leave a comment on your post). Some people will do and say tacky things about anything, what are you gonna do? What do you think about the Michael Moore/Cuba debate that is currently ongoing?
On the Cuba/Moore controversy: To be honest my knowledge on this is spotty at best. However it seems to me that the Moore documentary on the American health system is probably embarrasing for the powers that be. Moore's previous films have made him some powerful enemies, in this administration in particular, and we all know that this administration will do anything it can to people who rock their boat. Witness for the prosecution on the last sentence is the adminstration reaction to Joe Wilson. I suppose we are just lucky that Moore isn't married to an undercover CIA agent.

But it seems to me that if the Moore trip to Cuba benefitted hero's of 9/11, getting them care they could not afford here... then it has to be difficult to make political points against that. But I'm sure this administration will try!
To R/V: I'm not sure that I'm actually calling for sorrow in responst to Falwells passing. To be honest, I would have to manufacture that emotion in regards to Falwell myself. What I do think would be appropriate is a period of respect. Maybe I will post a diatribe on Falwell following his funeral. I just think that reflexive diatribes against someone we disagree with when they die is the sort of behavior we grew to expect from Falwell and his type. I think we are the better side of the great divide, and I encourage those who agree with me to not behave in like manner to those we disagree with.

As to the Hitler comparison... to be honest I can't go there. Here's the line I would draw. If I can justify in my own mind killing somone with my own hand, I would not show respect at their passing. I could easily justify taking out Hitler if I had the chance. I could not make the case for Falwell. Indeed, I would probably have enjoyed a hearty political debate with the fellow!

This is one of the reasons the manner of Saddams passing from the mortal plane was so troubling for me. Saddam was fully deserving of an early exit, and I could easily have justified that in my own mind. To do it in such a way as to send him to the afterlife as a hero for his cause, somehow turning his passing into a public relations disaster... was completely idiotic.

So I don't call for sorrow for Falwell and his loved ones... just a modicum of respect for a short time...
I cheer no one's death, but I shall never mourn for someone who has harmed so many lives with his hate filled words.
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