Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Bush delusion

Today's address by the President to CENTCOM carries on a long tradition of the President ignoring reality and sounding down right delusional.

Here is the first paragraph that deals with the war in Iraq from today's speech:
Just as America and our allies are standing together in Afghanistan, a determined coalition is committed to winning the fight in Iraq. Four years ago, we confronted a brutal tyrant who had used weapons of mass destruction, supported terrorists, invaded his neighbors, oppressed his people, and tested the resolve and the credibility of the United Nations. Saddam Hussein ignored every opportunity to comply with more than a dozen resolutions passed by the U.N. Security Council. So coalition forces went into Iraq, removed his vicious regime, and helped bring freedom to the Iraqi people.
The first sentence dealing with the "determined coalition" is simply poppycock. Our major ally in Iraq, England, has just over 7000 troops on the ground. That number is a pittance of the total amount of coalition force, overwhelmingly American, in Iraq. The few other members that are left of the coalition have substantially fewer troops in place than England. BUT... Britain is pulling troops out even as the Bush administration is surging troops into Iraq. Somehow, even the fact that the British are pulling out is spun as good news by these buffoons. Determined coalition indeed.

Besides, what exactly does the President mean by "winning the fight"? This is yet another example of a delusional President ignoring the considered opinion of everybody else who has studied the issue, including most notably the Baker/Hamilton commission. Except, of course, the koolaid drinking administration apologists this type of speech is targeted at.

Most of the 2nd sentence in the above quote passes muster... but then Bush leans on the credibility of the United Nations as a crutch for the invasion. PLEASE! The United Nations could not be brought to support the war before the invasion, despite Collin Powell's... whats the word I'm looking for here... oh yeah... delusional presentation. The Bush administration thumbed it's nose at world opinion and trying to make it sound like the invasion was America standing side by side with the United Nations is again... delusional. Check this link for a blow by blow account of the administrations failed attempts to get the U.N. security council to go along with their program.

The notion that Saddam resisted every opportunity to comply with U.N. demands rings hollow, because 20/20 hindsight proves that he was being expected to prove a negative. If we now know that there were no stockpiles, no programs, no nothing... then how can we say that Saddam was in breach? I'm not sure that our displeasure at Iraqi book keeping in detailing the exact non where abouts of their WMD was really a good enough reason to send 3.5k Americans to die, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi's.

Then Bush winds up the introduction to his delusional trip down memory lane with the positively asinine assertion that the quagmire he landed us in has resulted in freedom for the Iraqi people. Iraq is occupied. People living under occupation, by definition, do not live in freedom. Furthermore, Iraq is wracked on a daily basis by spasms of violence that make the Virginia Tech massacre look like a domestic squabble. I would reprise the favorite Republican talking point on the worthiness of civil liberties if you are dead, but even that does not apply in Iraqi society. The very police forces intended to enforce the rights of the Iraqi citizenry are predominantly filled with Shiite militia men, and Prime Minister Maliki is purging Sunni generals who dare to move against Shiite militias. We did not bring freedom to Iraq, we brought civil war and single handedly installed a pro Iranian potentate where a long time foe of the Iranian regime had been.

And this is just from Bush's opening lines on the situation in Iraq. Unbelievably, he gets more delusional as he proceeds!

Here is Bush's take on the events leading to the surge:
[A]fter an extensive review, I ordered a new strategy that is dramatically different from the one we were pursuing before. I listened to our military commanders; I listened to politicians from both sides of the aisle. I made a decision. I appointed a new commander, General David Petraeus, to carry out this strategy.

BZZZZTT!!!!Wrong! When Bush says "after an extensive review", he means after Republicans were handed their own butts by the voters in the mid term elections, because of the Iraqi debacle. In fact the Baker/Hamilton commission came back with an extensive review of all this and those findings were dead on arrival. When Bush says "I listened to our military commanders", that is true, but he did not like what they told him ('the surge won't work') so he canned them. Ergo "I appointed a new commander", which is possibly the only truth on the Iraqi quagmire given by the President in today's speech.

The part of the speech which has the attention of all the media is where Bush says that choosing to withdraw is to have "risked turning Iraq into a cauldron of chaos." Bush unwittingly yet precisely defines the state of Iraq right now! A cauldron of chaos. I know there are administration borg drones who think Iraq is a flowering democracy and except for a few hot spots scattered around Baghdad the rest of the nation is filled with peaceful natives singing kum bay ya as they line up peacefully at the ballot box in a daily expression of unfettered local democracy. Bush is trying to reinforce these dead enders on the home front with this type of delusional rambling. Risked turning Iraq into a cauldron of chaos indeed! That statement is simply breathtaking in it's bald faced denial of reality.

At some point the absurdity of the Presidents public statements about Iraq have to lead to questions as to the soundness of his state of mind. There must be a medical/psychological term for a condition with symptoms of wide spread denial of evident truth, repeated expressions of fantastic whimsy as truth-bordering on hallucination, lack of ability to be honest, and unwillingness to take corrective action in the face of evident failure. The statements of President Bush would make sense if one were in an asylum, discussing current affairs with the self professed King of Mordor, who believes the KGB has used a UFO to implant mind control devices in his posterior. But coming from the President, this type of delusion is cause for concern.

I believe when he said, 'determined coalition', he was referring to the approximately 119,000 security contractors (mercenaries) paid by the U.S. to fight in Iraq.

Bush is evil personified. I don't believe he's the least bit delusional. He's a pathological liar with a megalomaniacal mindset. Him and his nefarious cronies have got to be stopped NOW. If we can't find the will to do it, I'm afraid the world may band together and do it for us. That would NOT be something we will be grateful for.
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