Monday, May 14, 2007

Tom Delay: Go ask Alice, I Think She'll Know

Tom Delay has written a screed for the Politico that could be mistaken as a missive straight from the drug addled mind of Lewis Carrol.

Delay repeatedly demonstrates a singular disconnect with reality. For example:
The Democrats have a fundamental misconception about the polls on the war. What the American people are expressing in their public opinions about the war isn't a desire for us to surrender, but for us to win more quickly.
Actually the American people overwhelmingly agree with the conclusion of the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group that there can be no military victory in Iraq. Delay must ignore poll upon poll that shows this particular belief and use gymnastic twists of logic to explain the fact that Americans overwhelmingly are dissatisfied with events in Iraq. Delay in effect has reworked a talking point that has held prominent favor by administration apologists of late: That Bush recognized the discontent of the American people and gave us what we wanted, a change of course in Iraq, which is his surge plan. As is the case in nearly all the lying and talking points showered upon us daily by the Bush administration, there is a kernel of truth to Delay's blather. The people are not happy with the war. The notion that the answer to this is to escalate, and that the people want us to "win" sooner, is truly fantastical. I'm tempted to ask Delay to put aside the koolaid filled hookah prior to picking up the pen.

Here is another twilight zone quote from Delay:
President Bush has put a man, Gen. David Petraeus, and a plan, the counterinsurgency surge, into action to bring about positive results. There's nothing more he can do, except report back to the American people about the progress.
Tom Delay seems to know something that very few people, beyond administration toadies, know. That the surge will bring about positive results. In fact Delay is so certain of this truth that he has already determined that the President will in the future report back regarding the progress brought about because of the surge. There is no room for anything but the certain success brought about by the enlightened leadership of President Bush in the fevered thinking of Tom Delay.

Yet history shows us that Delay's absolute faith in the President is at best misplaced, and at worst positively indicative of the hallucinogenic stupor Delay suffers from. History in fact demonstrates a singularly inept, corrupted, sorry, deadly, mistaken, and wrong-headed series of policies forwarded by this administration in regards to Iraq. This is the continued pattern from before the war even started no less, with the leadup to the war being disastrously mishandled as well. 20/20 hindsight being what it is, these mistakes by the Bush administration are evident for even the most ardent koolaid drinker to see. Why is it then that Delay has determined that the surge proposed by Bush will result in any other outcome than all the other policies forwarded by Bush?! Not only is Delay convinced that the surge is going to work, he has predetermined that future reports by the President will detail progress. Delay seems to be able to read the future! Another comment here about koolaid hookahs and what not would just be redundant, so let us move on to the next Delay delusion.

I think it would be appropriate to wrap this post up with my take on how Delay wrapped up his article:
What the president needs is to do is fill the unforgiving year-and-a-half left of his term with 18 months of Texas tough. He's got it in him, and the country needs it now more than ever.
The absolute last thing this nation needs is for the President to continue with his blustering, tough guy, go it alone attitude. We are where we are because of the very behavior which Delay thinks we need more of! Delay waxes eloquent for 7 paragraphs on how the President can recover from what Delay admits are dismal poll numbers, by urging the President to do more of the same... or to do more more of the same. Delay's reasoning seems to follow the logic of one who finds himself in a hole, deciding the best way out is to dig deeper, faster, and with a bigger shovel. But considering the fantastical delusion displayed by Delay in the rest of the article, what else should we expect? I think those who have any influence upon the White House would be well served to read Delay's article carefully, and proceed to do the precise opposite in every case that Delay offers them his wrong headed and delusional advice.

To wrap up let me ask my readers, who nearly by definition are curious and interested in the news, which side of the political divide have proven more correct on these matters in the last couple of years. I've been blogging for nearly 2 years now, having started the summer after the 04 election. When I started Bush's approval was just under 50%. I would put my record on the line regarding prognosticating the effect of Bush policy against any koolaid drinking Bush apologist and fare very well I believe. I certainly am not alone in this. The entire Lefty Blogosphere from giganto Kos to lil old me and the others like me by the tens of thousands are winning this debate. Not because we are loud mouthed wrong headed gas bags either! Quite simply we are right, we show it day by day, and we are winning because of it. ... I'm just pointing this out because it is right and proper to pat oneself on the back every so often. Lord knows, Delay and his gang are past masters at it, even if they have to ignore self evident realities in order to make themselves feel better about losing so badly.

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