Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bush: "It Should Frighten the American People"

I'm not sure that I've ever seen the President so blatantly wish for the American people to be frightened than the following quote he gave to the traveling press corps that accompanied him to the G-8 summit:
"What's difficult is the fact that al Qaeda continues to kill. And it frustrates the Iraqi people, and it should frighten the American people that al Qaeda is active in Iraq looking for a safe haven from which to launch further attacks."
This one statement crystalizes the governance of President Bush perfectly. Straight from the Presidents mouth comes a call for the American people to be afraid.

Could there be any more shameful a quote in the history of our nations leadership. How is it that any President could be brought to the point of calling for fear to guide this nations policies.

I'm having a hard time imagining how this sentiment can ever be justified in an American President. The great moments in Presidential history have called upon American resolution in the face of great adversity, American understanding and acceptance following a great war, Americans to honor the fallen of the battlefield and resolve to carry on the struggle for the Constitution and the United States of America. Perhaps the most famously inspirational moment in Presidential history was Roosevelt's clarion call upon the nation to NOT be afraid.

The reaction of the Administration and Republican party after the 9/11 attacks was an appeal to fear in a crass political calculation to accrue greater political power.. But never was this fear mongering expressed in so blatant terms as this quote by President Bush.

I'm not sure that this quote is on tape, but if it is it may well be noted by historians as one of the lowest points of a failed Presidency. I'll bet when he was campaigning in 2000 the President never imagined the day would come that he would actually call upon the American people to be afraid. That is nearly the definition of failed leadership.

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