Friday, June 08, 2007

Connecting The Dots, DOJ Style

My work has blocked several sites which I routinely used to peruse, but luckily for me has unblocked several others. Daily Kos is blocked, but Firedoglake has been unblocked. I presume it was the word 'dog' in the latter site which tripped the censors... but that supposition is just me drawing a half baked connection between a firewall that is supposed to catch non work safe intertubes content, and an innocuous word that could be contextually naughty.

At least I'm able to realize that my conspiratorial inner ramblings would probably be shown to be devoid of substance if the facts were presented to me. But this makes me wonder at the inner conspiratorial ramblings of the prosecutor who could think that a periodically homeless man's fevered imagination of bombing a pipeline 40 miles from the jet fuel tanks in JFK would result in a chain reaction, much like the pipeline was a giant fuse, leading to the eventual vaporization of half of New York when the Jet fuel tanks blew. The overwrought descriptions from the prosecutor and attendant police toady really was telling when the actual details of the proposed holocaust are revealed. But why would these law enforcement big wigs cause such a furor over something which turns out to be so utterly silly.

Much like Keith Olbermanns periodic features on the nexus of politics and terror, which show a connection betwixt various embarrassments for the Bush administration, closely followed by hyped up terror events, I see a political connection. Actually, Lewis Z Koch of Firedoglake sees a connection and I have drawn it out a bit, if you care to follow me on another rambling muse down conspiracy lane.

Right now a jury in Miami Florida is hearing arguments in the case of Jose Padilla, and two other defendants. I won't bother going into detail about the sordid history of the Bush administration and Jose Padilla, so if anyone who stumbles over this post needs a primer on this travesty just click on the link to Mr. Koch's work at FDL and read away. Suffice to say that the Bush administration has a lot riding on the outcome of this trial. If they lose, one of the most dangerous enemy combatants in the war on terror will be free to roam the nation, raining death and destruction as he sees fit... from the administrations perspective anyway. But I digress!

The part of Mr. Koch's report on the Padilla trial today that made me say "hmmmm" was this:
It is very likely that this tedious testimony became more relevant for the jurors when they looked at their weekend news (news the jurors were permitted to see.) Here was another case of a conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim. Federal prosecutors in New York Saturday charged one former member of the Guyamese parliament and three other men, including a former airport employee, with planning to blow up terminal buildings at John F. Kennedy Airport, fuel tanks and the fuel pipeline that runs beneath the airport complex.
Could THAT be why the Justice Departments prosecutor made such a huge stink about such a transparently hopeless dud of a terrorist plot? The Feds are trying to influence the Padilla jury?!

Maybe... it fits very nicely if we consider the much ballyhooed arrests of the six men who intended to storm Fort Dix and lay waste to the countryside. Those arrests were made on May 9th. That is the VERY DAY that the announcement was made that a jury had been selected in the Padilla trial. Truly amazing coincidence.

What about the arrest of the hapless 7 in Miami, charged with thinking about blowing up the Sears Tower in Chicago. In nearly every story to be written up about that plot when it was in the news, you can do a search for Padilla and find a blurb describing how Padilla's case is working it's way through the court in Miami. We should also note that Chicago comes into play, being where Padilla was originally arrested, and being the target of the hapless 7. Evidently terrorists in custody in Florida in June of 06 really had it in for Illinois!

I'll wager there are other such examples of high profile terrorist alarms which fit happenings in the Padilla trial. I've just taken the alarms I can recall from memory, and they did fit nicely.

I would love to hear this question posed to some high powered, in the know, bigwig at Justice. Like maybe Al G. himself. Has the timing of the much publicized terror plots being brought to light been arranged in order to influence the Padilla trial?

Probably not. But that possible connection is more realistic than starting a chain reaction in a combination pipeline/fuse 40 miles from the target winding up with the destruction of JFK. Now if only I had the bully pulpit occupied by that hysterical prosecutor in New York! Someone quick... ring up Brother Olbermann.

that's a very interesting observation and, given the ration of lies and manipulated news stories, and spin we are fed daily, i really don't think you've moved into the ranks of the tin-foil hatters...
I agree with your wife.
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