Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Erm... This Is Interesting

So I'm reading through the letters to Judge Reggie B Walton from the Washington Republican elite calling for leniency in sentencing Scooter Libby.

One of the first letters in the list is from Paul Wolfowitz. I find it particularly ironic that Mr. Wolfowitz makes no pretense at being particularly ethical in his own right, acknowledging his role as head of the World Bank "until June 30 of this year". This notation early in the letter must bring to the judges mind the ethical lapses of the letter writer which lead to Wolfowitz's ouster from the bank.

But what I find particularly interesting is Wolfowitz's focus on Libby's role in the office of Vice President after September 11. Wolfowitz repeatedly draws the judges attention to the fact that Libby was instrumental in developing defenses for this country against biological attack. Previously I had labored under the impression that Libby was chief of staff for the Vice President, which would indicate to me that he was mainly employed in coordinating the day to day affairs of the Vice President, responding to various press inquiries and so on. Not until Wolfowitz's letter did I know that Libby was so involved in America's response to WMD.

Valerie Plame Wilson worked undercover in the CIA in counter proliferation's division. Isn't it just a bit more than coincidence that the top person in the Vice President's office dealing with WMD was instrumental in outting a CIA agent charged with stopping the proliferation of WMD. Frankly it makes the actions taken by Libby appear even more sinister. He is supposed to be doing all this work to defend us against biological agents, but he's exposing a CIA agent charged with essentially the same task, and then lies and obstructs justice in order to cover up the deed.

That is some real cut throat politics there. Any high ranking administration official involved in the field of WMD ought to have known better than exposing Plame. Politics comes before national security in this administration and Wolfowitz's letter is just one more iota of proof of that sad fact.

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