Monday, June 11, 2007

Just An Old Fashioned Love Post

Well, regular readers of this blog know that I mainly focus on giving my take on political issues. But this post is going to be a bit different so be forewarned!

A couple of weeks ago me and my lovely wife Carrie were contemplating names of cats. We were planning on letting Rustee, the ferocious lion, grow to the age of 5 and then getting another cat. We already had settled on a boy cat (tom) name: Chairman Meow. So we were contemplating what we might name a girl cat (queen) and I recalled a name we both liked from the video game Dynasty Warriors. Xiahou.

Xiahou means little in Chinese. It rhymes with now, but the starting sound is like Zha as in Zhazha Gabor, so it sounds like Zheow. After I threw the name Xiahou out there I immediately liked it... but I could sense hesitancy from Carrie. I was starting to wheedle on about how great the name Xiahou was when sudden Carrie chimed in with "Xiahou Meow!"

As soon as she said it, we KNEW we had the perfect queen name. It was a perfect match with a possible future (now way way future) addition of Chairman Meow. In fact it was SOOO perfect that we would have to get a new little kitty... just so we could name her that. The topper on it all was when I researched the meaning of the name and we found out we would be naming her "little meow".

June 3rd was our 1st anniversary, and we were a bit confuzzled about what the first anniversary is... I suggested dirt, or cheese, Carrie thought maybe leaf or something silly like that. Since we didn't really know (turns out it is paper) we decided we would declare our first anniversary our kitty anniversary! We went down to the local animal shelter on June 2 and picked out the newest member of our loving little home. Actually Rustee threw a hissy fit when we first brought her home... but Rustee has always been such a drama tom!

It's been over a week since we got her, and now Rustee and Xiahou are becoming friends... chasing each other around the apartment and generally having a grand time. Xiahou is a snuggler of the first order, which is something we wanted in a kitty because Rustee has always been a bit stand offish, in a playful sort of way. Yesterday I took this picture of Carrie and Xiahou, and I thought it was sooooo cuteiful that I would share with anyone who bumped across Club Lefty, along with a bit of a post on how we came to name, and then own Xiahou Meow.

what is that sad impersonation of a president doing now? what did he tell the pope? if the pope reads better than a third grade catechism level, then why didn't he kick bush out? more dead every day. now he is having a tough time pushing the immigration bill within his party of syncophants. will someone impeach this third rate human? does anyone but me remember the "i'm sorry" website? turn it loose again as the "we were right" website. i am more inclined everyday to identify him as a war criminal. is this where i give the fbi my address? they are probably reading my email right now. thank god for the bill of rights and the constitution. or?
I sent a picture to the I'm sorry webby! I tried to see if it was posted a couple of times but there are just so many to go through that I couldn't find mine in particular...
Hi there!

Nice blog! ;)

I added your blog to my blogroll. :)
Unique way to celebrate an anniversary.
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