Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Letters To The Judge III

Irony, thy name is Perle. Check out this missive from Richard Perle to Judge Walton regarding the character of I Lewis Libby:
"There are many aspects to integrity, but perhaps the most difficult to sustain is the courage to say what one thinks will best serve the country, even when others in powerful positions may disagree. Many people aren't willing to ask tough questions, or buck a consensus position, when doing so would risk exposing themselves to criticism from their peers or those officials whose judgement can make or break public careers. Scooter had the courage and integrity to present his views to his colleagues for a full debate, which is a crucial element of good government."
Reading this, it is as if Perle has not one iota of knowledge about the outting of Plame, and just randomly pulled something nice to say about Libby out of thin air, which just happened to cast the Wilson/Plame outing into focus. The person on the inside who presents the opposing point of view for consideration, at the risk of their own or their wifes career was hardly Libby in the affair being considered by Judge Walton. Would that truth not mean that those who retaliated against such a person and broke the law in doing so are working against the best interests of good government? That would have to reflect negatively on the character of the people responsible for that retaliation and the resultant coverup. Perle might as well have requested the judge toss on a few extra months!

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