Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nader: Harshing My Calm From The Left.

Let me put my cards on the table right from the get go here folks. I am a bona fide died in the wool Nader hater, and I'm freaking defiantly proud of it. I believe that Ralph Nader is indirectly responsible for the 8 years of disaster to America and our constitution that George Bush will be responsible for when he finally leaves office. Frankly I wonder how Nader sleeps at night. If I were him I would lay awake thinking of the dead by the hundreds of thousands that my ego maniacal actions in 2000 helped to bring the world.

Frankly, my take on Nader has been a true source of anguish for me. The fact is that I used to think of Nader as a lion of the left. His work on behalf of the little guy, against the major corporations, telling truth to power and generally telling it like it is earned my admiration. Then he threw the 2000 election to Bush, and my former admiration for Nader turned into outright revulsion. Honestly, I detest Nader as much as Bush.

Nader KNEW better. The rhetoric in 2000, about there being no difference between Bush and Gore, has proven in hindsight to be what informed voters knew it was when Nader was spouting it: patently ridiculous. Ask the dead Iraqi's about that difference. Ask future generations who will have to pay the bills wracked up by this dismal Presidency, bills to pay for manifestly wrong headed and disastrously anti American initiatives and practices about that difference. Frankly the mealy mouthed excuses proffered after the 2000 disaster by Nader and his apologists only serve to aggravate me further. They say Gore lost the race on his own, Gore lost his home state, Gore ran a bad campaign etc etc etc... All true, which means that Gore (who by the way WON the election despite everything) needed every vote he could scrounge. Gore won, the Republicans cheated and stole the election, and Nader enabled them to do so, period end of story, deal with it you sniveling little Naderbots!

So today when I saw a headline with Naders name in it... I assiduously did my level best to avoid the story. Today is Thursday, one day short of Friday. A new poll shows Bush at 26 percent approval. The Democrats in Congress seem to be realizing that the way to proceed is to fight Bush tooth and nail so they are making noise about Iraqi time tables. Novakula is convinced the Democrats will sweep the 08 elections. Things are generally looking up from my perspective... so why should I ruin my good natured feeling by reading about that twit Nader?

Well all of my best intentions came crashing down when Raw Story put up a blurb of a headline that sucked me in. "Nader mulls run; Clinton a 'coward'".

Just who the freaking bleeping bleep does Nader think he is calling out Hillary like that?! Believe me, I'm no great Hillary supporter here, in fact I'm far from it. She made the wrong vote on the war and she's triangulating too much for my tastes. But Hillary a coward? I'll bet she could kick Naders butt in a cage match, and would probably like to get the chance after he called her out like that!

I may not be on board the Clinton bandwagon at this point, but believe you me... if she gets the nomination I'll be with her big time. And if Nader tries to sabotage her like he did Gore... well there are going to be more than a few anti Nader rants coming from this very pissed off blogger.

There should be no further evidence needed of the wrong headed and egomanaical course which Nader will be remembered for than to consider who it was who funded his inane run in the 2004 election. The very same Republicans who contributed to Nader were a who's who of big money donors to the Bush campaign. They backed Naders efforts to place his name on the ballot in dozens of states where his public support was a pittance of that required to legally have that honor. It was Republicans who hired the bought and paid for signature gatherers who were so blatantly caught cheating in order to get the number of signatures required. Yet somehow, whenever anyone pointed this out to Nader he seemed to be the only person in America who didn't see the obvious truth.

Nader managed to take years of credibility as a champion of decency and justice and ruin it all by allowing himself to become a Republican tool. Nader has more than repaid corporate America all the grief and dollars he cost them to make safer products and act like better corporate citizens. In fact corporate America owes Nader a great debt of gratitude, and the American consumer owes Nader scorn and derision, because of his egotistical derailment of Gore in 2000. Haliburton salutes you Nader. Raytheon, Clear Channel, Exxon, Wal Mart and the rest of the gang all owe you big time brother... and they thank you from the bottom of their shriveled up blackened greedy hearts. If you would like to try it again in 2008 I'm certain they will be right there with open wallets, you stupid tool.

See why I tried to avoid that Nader headline?

Yep, I honestly tried to avoid it also...I came across it when doing a Google search for something else, and if it weren't for the "coward" remark, I probably would have ignored the story altogether also (as far as I'm concerned, that's code by Nader towards everyone you listed in your post that says "Don't worry, I'm really one of you guys who's trying to screw up the election just like Bloomberg").
Yes, Nader is a scumbag and I totally agree with you!
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