Wednesday, June 20, 2007

To Deport Or Not To Deport: Why Is There A Question?

ABC reports on the plight of one Yaderlin Jimenez. Yaderlin illegally entered America from the Dominican Republic in 2001. She married Alex Jimenez in 2004. Alex petitioned Big Brother to give his wife a green card which, unfortunately, brought her to the attention of the hostile eye of Sauron.

Why does the story of Yaderlin deserve any more attention than hundreds of others facing deportation, separation from children and families and uncertain futures in a land thousands of miles from home? Because Alex is one of the two soldiers whose unit was attacked and is now missing in Iraq. A third member of his unit was also captured and later found dead near the Tigris river.

That's right... the government is working to deport the wife of a soldier missing in Iraq. It would be bad enough if the couple were just dealing with Alex being in Iraq and having to go through this domestic nightmare. Can you imagine our soldiers having to worry about dodging IED's in the broiling heat surrounded by misery and death on a biblical scale... and having to worry and fret about your wife's immigration status. I wonder how many soldiers have been killed or wounded from being all distracted by thoughts on legal proceedings at home, rather than concentrating on surviving the deadly situation they find themselves in.

Frankly, it is preposterous! Any spouse of a member of the U.S. military should be automatically given full citizenship, out of hand, end of story. And at the ceremony they should be thanked for contributing to this nation with a loved one in uniform. Give Yaderlin a freaking medal, not a court date... Lets hear the right wing freaky koolaid drinkers go ballistic about that!

I don't think they should deport her! That's just my 2 cents... ;)
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