Monday, July 09, 2007

Bush's Record For Being Wrong On Iraq Continues

The A.P. is reporting that the Iraqi government has missed every benchmark for political, economic and other reform in a progress report to be delivered to Congress this week.

This makes over four years running in which every major policy undertaken by President Bush with respect to Iraq will have been conclusively proven to be wrong in foundation, scope and undertaking. Look at his record this way. Bush has allowed the greatest military machine in the history of human kind to be fought to a standstill by several tens of thousands of insurgents armed with homemade bombs. That is the record of his leadership as commander in chief in a nutshell.

When President Bush announced the surge early this year he was clear. There would be certain expectations of the U.S. backed government in Baghdad. These expectations have been missed in every respect, and yet again we see that the President has embarked this nation on a policy which is wrong headed. Over 500 American service members have been killed since the President announced the surge.

The record of futility by this administration truly is amazing. The only thing they did right in this entire sorry affair was the military overthrow of Saddam. They were wrong headed and mistaken in their arguments leading us into the war, but the actual invasion itself was conducted in fine style even if there were some hiccups along the way like Turkey not playing ball.

So the unbroken record of administration stupidity commences immediately after the invasion, with the failure to secure the populace which led to widespread looting, and continues to this very day with the now failed surge.

The same applies to the Bush apologists who have been cheering him all along. The record of wrong headed prognostication and general hot aired idiocy we have been exposed to from the neoconservative toadies in the media can not be fathomed. It would be difficult to look at any major argument which they have forwarded which makes any sense at all in hindsight. The record of these Bushie cheerleaders can be summed up with one simple word. Pathetic.

It is up to Congress to take the keys from this unfathomably incompetent gang of cronies and try to get the American bus out of the Iraqi quagmire. Congress MUST remember that at no single point since the invasion has Bush or his enablers been right in setting forth policy, so they can't let him be the final word on the solution.

In fact the record of Bush incompetence is so utterly complete that I don't trust him to oversee the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. I think he would find a way to botch that. His heart simply isn't in it, and there is no more dangerous undertaking than the withdrawal of an army from the presence of an active and lethal enemy. If Bush were to oversee a withdrawal and things went off the tracks, as they almost certainly would under his dunderbrained leadership, the resulting mess could be truly awful.

The Senate seems to be moving to a solution which implements the Iraq Study Groups findings as policy going forward. This plan envisions a pull back from the population centers in Iraq and a draw down of troop levels with approximately 30,000 remaining in theater for force protection by March of 08. I would tend to support such a course of action going forward with an eye to the complete removal of forces under the leadership of the next President.

Let the military plan for a pull back in Iraq, based upon the ISG findings, and then let the next President be the one to withdraw the troops. As much as I believe we need to get out of Iraq I just don't trust Bush to get a full scale withdrawal right because his record is so dismal.

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